Village of Bellerose, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Bellerose 5-10-1926 by Ord. No. 32.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building construction — See Ch. 88.
Fire prevention — See Ch. 107.
Editor's Note: Original Sections 2, 11, 12 and 13 of this ordinance were repealed 5-22-1933 by Ord. No. 40.
The following shall be and are hereby declared to be the fire limits: beginning at the westerly village line on Jericho Turnpike and extending easterly to the village line and to a depth of 100 feet south of the building line on Jericho Turnpike.
Every building hereafter erected or enlarged within the fire limits shall be enclosed on all sides with walls constructed wholly of stone, brick, hollow building tile, concrete or other equivalent incombustible materials and shall have the roof and top and sides of all roof structures covered with incombustible material. All cornices and dormer windows shall be of incombustible materials when buildings are over two stories in height.
Any existing frame building within the fire limits which may hereafter be damaged by fire, decay or otherwise to an amount greater than 1/2 of its present value, exclusive of the foundation, shall not be repaired or rebuilt but shall be removed.
No building hereafter erected within the fire limits shall exceed three stories or 60 feet in height. The floor area in fireproof buildings shall not exceed 10,000 square feet between fire walls.
All exterior or division walls of buildings hereafter erected shall be of masonry or concrete and of sufficient thickness to support the load to be carried.
In buildings over one story in height, all exterior or division walls shall extend the full thickness to at least two feet above the roof surfacing of a building as a parapet and be properly coped, excepting walls which face on a street and are finished with incombustible cornices, gutters or crown mouldings and excepting also the walls of detached dwellings with peaked or hipped roofs.
Fire walls shall be continuous from the foundation to three feet above the roof level and shall be coped.
The end of all ceiling, floor or roof beams entering a party or fire wall from opposite sides shall be separated by at least six inches of solid masonry.
In all buildings hereafter erected within the fire limits, which are used above the first floor, the stair shafts shall be separately and continuously enclosed by incombustible partitions. The partitions shall be constructed of brick or other fire-resistant material approved by the Village Board. No such partition shall be less than four inches thick.
Every building hereafter erected within the fire limits shall have a fire-resistant roof covering, and no existing shingle roof, if damaged more than 25%, shall be renewed or repaired with other than a fire-resistant covering.
All openings in roofs for the admission of light and air shall have incombustible frames and sash glazed with wire glass.
In every building hereafter erected, each floor and above the first floor shall be provided with at least two means of egress remote from each other. No required stairway shall be less than 44 inches wide.
Where the first floor of a building hereafter constructed is used as a store and the second or second and third floor used as a tenement, the ceiling of the store must have a metal covering.