City of Haverhill, MA
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted as Ch. 12, Arts. II and III, of the 1963 City Code (Ch. 31 of the 1980 Code)]
No piece of apparatus belonging to the Fire Department of the City shall be sent out of the City except for repairs, and no fireman shall be sent out of the City on fire duty, except by the authority and direction of the Mayor, provided that in the case of a serious fire in another city or town and when assistance is called for, the Fire Chief may, in his discretion, if the Mayor is absent or cannot readily be communicated with, send such apparatus and such firemen as he may deem necessary or expedient, reporting his action to the Mayor as soon as possible thereafter.
[Amended 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
No person shall ride or drive any vehicle over or across any hose or other apparatus in use at a fire or at a place to which the Fire Department has been summoned upon an alarm of fire.
[Amended 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
The Fire Chief shall keep, or cause to be kept, exact rolls of the several companies and of all other members or employees of the Fire Department, specifying the name, age, residence and date of admission, discharge, promotion, resignation or death of each officer, member or employee of the Department, including, in the case of call members and volunteer members, a record of the occupation and place of occupation of each.
[Amended 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
The Fire Chief shall have the charge and custody of all the property and apparatus pertaining to the Fire Department; shall make, or cause to be made, inspections of the houses, apparatus and other property of the Department at least once a week, to the end that it may always be in good condition and repair and ready for immediate service; and shall at all times be responsible for such good condition of all property and for the discipline and good order of the officers and employees of the Department.
The Fire Chief shall keep, or cause to be kept, an accurate and complete record of all property belonging to the Fire Department and an accurate account of all receipts and expenses thereof, all such records and accounts to be at all times subject to the inspection of the Mayor, the City Council and the Auditor of Accounts.
[Amended 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
The Fire Chief shall devote his whole time to the duties of his office and shall not engage in any other business while in office. He shall not leave the City without first notifying the on-duty Deputy Chief, nor leave the City for more than 24 hours without first notifying the Mayor. During such absence from the City, the on-duty Deputy Chief shall act in his place with his full powers and duties. No on-duty Deputy Chief shall leave the City except by permission of the Fire Chief.
[Amended 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
The Fire Chief shall have sole and absolute control and command of all officers and members of the Department and of all other persons at fires and shall have the authority to establish a barrier line or limit of approach at any place or places within the City at which a fire may be or has been in progress, to be known as and called a "fire line." In case of the absence of the Fire Chief from a fire, the on-duty Deputy Chief present thereat shall, during such absence, have and exercise all the power and authority of the Fire Chief and shall perform all the duties of his office. The senior member or officer first arriving at a fire shall exercise such authority and perform such duties until the arrival of a superior officer.
[Amended 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief, or his designee, to examine or cause to be examined all buildings and other places in which he may have knowledge or be informed that combustible materials, as defined by MGL c. 148, may be collected or deposited or be kept in an insecure or illegal manner, and he shall direct the tenant or occupant of any such place or building to remove or otherwise safely dispose of such combustible materials. In case such tenant or occupant shall refuse or neglect to do so, the Fire Chief or designee shall remove or cause to be removed the same at the expense of such tenant or occupant, who, for such neglect or refusal as above stated, shall also be subject to a penalty as provided in § 1-16 of the Code.
[Amended 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief or designee to examine personally any place or building of which he may have knowledge or be informed in which the funnels, flues, chimneys, fireboards or heating apparatus are in an insecure or dangerous state and to give the owner or occupant thereof written notice of the changes, alterations or repairs which, in his opinion, the public safety may require. Any person who shall refuse or neglect to make such changes, alterations or repairs when so notified and required, or shall prevent or attempt to prevent the examination aforesaid, or shall obstruct the Fire Chief or designee in any way in carrying out the provisions of this section, shall be subject to the penalty prescribed in § 1-16 of the Code.
It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief to report in writing to the Chief of Police and to the Inspector of Buildings any and every violation of any ordinance establishing a fire district or regulating the construction of buildings which may come to his notice and to cause to be prosecuted every person who shall intentionally raise a false alarm of fire or who shall violate any of the provisions of § 32-4, 32-10 or 32-11 of this article or § 141-41 of the Code of the City of Haverhill, as relates to the fire alarm telegraph system.
The Fire Chief shall have general charge and superintendence of the fire alarm telegraph system and shall select the persons to whom shall be entrusted the keys of any of the signal boxes of the system.
The Fire Chief shall see that the City landings are kept in condition at all times to admit of the unobstructed operation of the Fire Department and shall have full power to cause to be removed any goods, merchandise, vehicles or other obstructions from the same when, in his judgment, such removal will promote the public safety. No person shall at any time leave any goods, wares, merchandise, vehicles or other obstructions upon any such landing for a period of more than 24 hours.
It shall be the duty of the Fire Chief, whenever in his judgment the needs of the City or the safety of the public require, to recommend in writing to the City Council the establishment or repair of new or existing lands or of places for the procuring of water by the Fire Department in case of fire along a river front, and he shall keep or cause to be kept a record of all such places when established and shall have the same power and exercise the same duties in regard to such places as he has and may exercise in regard to City landings.
The Fire Chief shall from time to time consult with the Mayor with reference to the needs of the Fire Department concerning which action on the part of the City Council may be necessary.
All the general orders of the Fire Chief and, whenever practicable, all special orders made and issued by him shall be in writing, and a record shall be kept of the same.
The Fire Chief shall have authority to designate from among the permanent men of the Fire Department a driver for the Chief's conveyance.
The Fire Chief shall annually, in July, make to the Mayor a full and complete report of the condition of the Fire Department, together with a statement of all the property under his charge and of the money received and expended in and by the Department during the municipal year next preceding the first day of July. This report shall include a detailed statement of the losses and accidents by fire during the year, a description of the buildings and other property injured or destroyed, the estimated value thereof, the amount of insurance thereon and the names of the owners. The report shall be incorporated in the report required to be made annually to the City Council by the Mayor.
[Added 8-24-1971 by Doc. 198-B; amended 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
Whenever any member of the Haverhill Fire Department Underwater Rescue Team is engaged in an authorized rescue, recovery or training, including travel to and from such activity, they shall come within the protection of all laws and be extended the same coverage and privileges as on-duty fire fighters.
[Added 11-30-1982 by Doc. 203; amended 4-21-1992 by Doc. 65; 2-10-2004 by Doc. 23]
Any person who receives an appointment to the Haverhill Fire Department shall maintain his residence within the City of Haverhill or at any other place within the commonwealth that is within 10 miles of the perimeter of said City of Haverhill.
[Added 5-5-1992 by Doc. 76]
The Fire Chief shall have the power to set fees for all licenses, permits and inspections to be procured from or conducted by the Fire Department. The fees shall become effective upon approval by an order of the City Council and shall be consistent with the provisions of applicable law.
[Added 4-30-2002 by Doc. 14]
Any person appointed to the Fire Department, whether to a regular or reserve position, after the effective date of this section, must be certified upon appointment in one of the following three levels: Emergency Medical Technician — Basic, Emergency Medical Technician — Intermediate, or Emergency Medical Technician — Paramedic. In addition, any person appointed to the Fire Department, whether to a regular or reserve position, after the effective date of this section, must have a valid Massachusetts motor vehicle operator's license.
Upon appointment to the Fire Department, an individual must present proof of current certification as a emergency medical technician issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services, and a valid Massachusetts motor vehicle operator's license effective November 1, 2002, and all candidates prior to taking the exam shall be notified.
Any such person appointed to the Fire Department shall maintain an emergency medical technician certification and a valid Massachusetts motor vehicle operator's license as long as he or she remains a member of the Fire Department.
A veteran shall be as defined by civil service law, and each candidate shall have one year after his or her appointment as a reserve to meet the certified requirement of this section.
[Amended 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]