City of Haverhill, MA
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Adopted as Ch. 28, Art. I, of the 1963 City Code (Ch. 68, Art. I, of the 1980 Code)]
[Amended 8-6-1968 by Doc. 662; 6-6-1972 by Doc. 131; 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
The Police Department shall consist of a Chief of Police and a Deputy Chief and such other officers and employees as recommended by the Chief of Police and appropriated by the City Council and Mayor, established and maintained in accordance with the laws of the commonwealth.
[Amended 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
The members enumerated in § 32-34 shall be appointed and shall hold office in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the commonwealth and appointments of officers shall not affect the tenure of office of the members of the regular police force so appointed. All appointments to the regular police force shall be made from the reserve force or as allowed by MGL c. 31.
The inspectors of police shall be detective officers and shall perform such other duties as the Chief of Police shall from time to time prescribe, and all the officers mentioned in § 32-34, whether with or without the power and authority of constables, shall have all the authority, perform all the duties and be subject to all rules and regulations prescribed for them by law, by the ordinances of the City or by the orders of the Chief of Police.
[Amended 5-11-1965 by Doc. 151]
Before entering upon service, each member of the Police Department shall be sworn to the faithful discharge of the duties of his office.[1]
Editor's Note: Original § 68-5, Constables, which immediately followed this section, was moved to Ch. 70, Officers and Employees, Art. XI, with the 2007 codification.
The police station shall be open day and night.
All fees, fines, penalties, moneys or compensation, except witness fees, stated pay or salary, received by officers or members of the Police Department in receipt of such stated pay or salary, and except money received by them for special services under the authority of the Chief of Police, shall be paid over at once upon receipt by the officer receiving the same to the Chief of Police.
The payrolls of the members of the Police Department shall each state the time or the number of days each of the members of the Department has been absent from duty during the period of time for which the payroll is made up, and from the stated compensation received as salary or pay by the officers and members of the Department, including the reserve police force, shall be deducted all fines or abatements imposed for disobedience or neglect of the rules and regulations.[1]
Editor's Note: Original Sec. 28-9 of Art. I of Ch. 28 of the 1963 City Code, Driver of Patrol Wagon, which section immediately followed this section, was deleted 12-9-1980 by Doc. 196-B.
It shall be the duty of the Police Department to aid the Fire Department by giving alarms of fire and by clearing the streets and grounds in the immediate vicinity of a fire so that the members of the Fire Department shall not be hindered or obstructed in the performance of their duties. The Police Department shall have authority to rope off the streets and grounds in the vicinity of a fire and to prevent from entering or to expel from within any fire lines established all persons, except members of the Fire Department and persons showing valid fire badges issued by the Fire Department.
Upon the request of another City or Town in the commonwealth, the Police Department is hereby authorized to go to aid such other City or Town in accordance with the laws of this commonwealth.
It shall be the duty of every member of the Police Department to observe and report forthwith to the Chief of Police all nuisances, defects and obstructions in the streets, lanes, alleys, ways, squares and public grounds of the City, and all nuisances, sources of filth or danger and causes of sickness anywhere within the City.
All applications for leave of absence shall be made to the Chief of Police and shall set forth the purpose for which such leave is requested. No police officer shall be absent from duty except in case of sickness or accident, or during his annual vacation, without the consent of the Chief of Police, approved by the Mayor.
[Added 4-21-1992 by Doc. 64; 2-10-2004 by Doc. 24]
Any person who receives an appointment to the Haverhill Police Department shall maintain his residence with the City of Haverhill or at any other place in the commonwealth that is within 10 miles of the perimeter of said City of Haverhill.
[Added 5-10-2011 by Doc. 42-B]
The Chief of the Police Department, or his designee, shall, upon request and subject to availability, provide police officers to work off-duty work details not related to their regular employment. The person or entity requesting a police detail shall be responsible for payment of the labor costs of the police detail, plus a ten-percent administrative fee, to the City of Haverhill. The Police Chief shall be responsible for collecting any sums due and owing. Any City department sponsoring utilizing a police detail shall make payment of the labor costs for police details, absent any administrative fee.
After 30 days, interest at the rate of 14% per annum will accrue on overdue balances commencing from the billing date. The Police Chief shall have the discretion to require any person or entity to pay in advance before service is provided.