City of Haverhill, MA
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note: The title of this article was changed from "Construction of Sewers" to "Construction of Sewers and Drains" 2-28-2017 by Doc. 35.
Every sewer or drain laid in any land or street or way, public or private, open or proposed to be opened for public travel on condition, shall be deemed to be a main drain or common sewer, and no such drain or sewer shall be laid or connected with any existing common sewer except under the supervision of the Director of Public Works upon a grade furnished by the City Engineer.
All public sewers authorized to be laid by the City Council shall be constructed under the direction of the Director of Public Works, except where the building of the sewer is let out by contract, in accordance with the plans and specifications furnished by the City Engineer. The Director of Public Works, upon the completion of the construction of the sewer, shall certify to the City Engineer the cost of construction of such sewer.
The City Engineer shall make and prepare all needed plans and specifications for the construction of all sewers built under the provisions of this chapter and shall prepare plans and profile of such sewers when so built, showing their location and depth in relation to the street lines and grades, which plans and profile shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk and, after being so filed, shall be deposited and kept in the office of the City Engineer, which shall be deemed a part of the City Clerk's office for the keeping of such plans.
Whenever any street is opened for the laying of pipes for water, gas or other purposes or for the prosecution of any work of construction, such laying of pipes and the work connected therewith, or such work of construction, shall be so executed as not to obstruct in any way, course or capacity construction of a common sewer or main drain, and whenever pipes for any purpose or any work of construction are found to exist at such depth or in such location as to interfere with any existing sewer or with the building of any common sewer or main drain of the required size and at the proper depth and grades, the department or person maintaining the same shall, upon notice thereof, at once remove, change or alter such pipe or pipes or other works in such manner as the Director of Public Works may direct. If such department or person neglects to comply immediately with the terms of such notification, the Director of Public Works may make such removal, change or alteration, and the cost thereof shall be paid by such department or person.