Town of LaGrange, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of LaGrange as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Dog waste — See Ch. 69, Art. I.
Dumps and dumping — See Ch. 103.
Sewage disposal — See Ch. 187.
[Adopted 4-29-1981 by L.L. No. 3-1981 as Ch. 48 of the 1975 Code]
As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Includes waste food, papers and all waste or discarded wood, lumber or vegetable matter of any kind and any other matter which shall be flammable or capable of fermentation or decay, but excepting therefrom dead animals or parts thereof.
Includes an individual, society, club, firm, partnership, corporation or association of persons, and the singular number shall include the plural number.
Includes waste metal, tin cans, ashes, cinders, glass, pottery and all discarded substances of a solid and noncombustible nature.
The premises owned by the Town of LaGrange and situate on the easterly side of Stringham Road, bounded on the south by the premises of Annie Heeg and 250 feet easterly of the east line of Stringham Road, are hereby designated as the dumping ground of this Town for rubbish and garbage, for use by the residents of the Town, subject to the provisions of this article. The regulations herein contained shall also apply to any other lands hereafter acquired or leased for the purpose of disposal of rubbish.
Vehicles and large articles. No person shall carry or leave or cause to be carried or left upon the premises herein designated, any automobile, vehicle, machine, appliance or other large article or any part thereof unless the same shall have been dismantled and the body thereof so cut and flattened out as to permit the same to occupy a minimum of space.
Use by residents only. No person not a resident of or conducting an established business in the Town of LaGrange shall deposit any rubbish or garbage of any kind on the premises herein designated for that purpose.
Manner of use. No person shall deposit or cause to be deposited any substance of any kind on the dumping ground herein designated except at the places and in the manner directed by the person in charge of the premises under authority of the Town Board, whether such direction is given personally or by another person by his authority or by a sign or signs erected upon the premises by his authority.
No person shall throw or deposit or cause to be thrown or deposited any garbage, rubbish or abandoned vehicles or parts thereof in or upon any public highway or street within the Town of LaGrange.
No person shall throw or deposit or cause to be thrown or deposited any garbage or rubbish in or upon any place or area within the said Town of LaGrange within 100 feet of the boundary line of a public highway or street.
No person shall throw or deposit or cause to be thrown or deposited any garbage or rubbish in or upon any other place or area within the said Town of LaGrange unless a permit to use such place or area for such purpose is authorized by resolution of the Town Board of said Town after written application therefor has been filed with the Town Clerk of said Town, describing the location of such place or area in or upon which such garbage or rubbish is to be thrown or deposited, except that the resident owner or person actually residing on premises in said Town may throw or deposit (subject to the provisions of Subsection B of this section) on said premises garbage or rubbish produced on or by the use of the premises on which such person resides.
No person, company, partnership or corporation employed in the business of the collection of garbage and rubbish shall use the facilities of the Town dump without first obtaining a license therefor as hereinafter provided.
Each applicant for a license shall execute under oath an application therefor, to be supplied to him by the Town Clerk, which shall contain the following information:
That the applicant is over 21 years of age.
That he is a citizen of the United States.
Whether he has ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.
Such other facts or evidence as is deemed necessary to establish that he is a person fit and capable of properly conducting the business for which the license is sought.
In the application the applicant shall agree that, if granted the license applied for, he will conduct the business in connection with the use of the Town dump pursuant to the regulations hereinbefore set forth, and that upon his failure to do so, such license may be revoked forthwith.
[Amended 7-22-2009 by L.L. No. 2-2009]
The annual fee for the license shall be set forth on the prevailing fee schedule adopted by resolution of the Town Board and as such schedule is modified from time to time by resolution of the Town Board. Such license shall be effective from the date of its issuance until the 31st day of December of the year of such issuance, after which a new application for license must be made yearly if the licensee desires to continue to use the Town dump.
The license may be revoked by the Town Board after a public hearing thereon, at which hearing the licensee shall have an opportunity to be heard.
[Amended 12-17-1980 by L.L. No. 9-1980; 6-14-1995 by L.L. No. 2-1995]
Any person committing an offense against any provision of this article shall be guilty of a violation punishable by a fine not exceeding $250 and/or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 15 days. The continuation of an offense against the provisions of this article shall constitute, for each day the offense is continued, a separate and distinct offense hereunder. Second and subsequent convictions of an offense under this article shall be punishable by fine not exceeding $500 and/or by imprisonment not exceeding 15 days.