Town of Georgetown, MA
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town of Georgetown 3-13-1913 Annual Town Meeting (Article 1 of the 1973 Bylaws and Regulations). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Commissions and councils — See Ch. 42.
Board of Selectmen — See Ch. 125.
[Amended 5-6-1996 ATM, Art. 17; 9-30-1996 STM, Art. 7]
The Annual Town Meeting shall be called to open on the first Monday in May, and the hour for the Annual Town Meeting shall be 7:00 p.m., and the annual town election shall be held on the Monday following the Annual Town Meeting.
[Amended 3-2-1953 ATM]
One hundred of the legal voters of the town shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the town at all town meetings except such parts of meetings as are devoted exclusively to election of officers, and that for the transfer of money or moneys, 25 shall constitute a quorum.
[Amended 2-2-1915 ATM; 5-1-1989 ATM, Art. 17]
The warrants for all town meetings shall be directed to either of the constables or other person who shall serve the same by posting true and attested copies thereof, one at the post office, one at the town office and one each at Perley Elementary School, Erie Fire Engine House and Municipal Light Building, seven days at least before the time of holding said meeting.
[Amended 6-11-1990 ATM, Art. 20]
The Board of Selectmen shall annually cause to be reproduced and made available to legal voters and real estate taxpayers residing in the town, not less than seven days prior the Annual Town Meeting, the reports of the officers of the various departments and boards of the town and reports upon such matters directed by the town and these bylaws. They shall have the custody and supervision of the distribution of same.
Beginning with the year 1914, each decennial valuation of estates of the town made by the Assessors, or an abstract thereof, together with a list of poll tax payers, shall be printed in conjunction with the next annual town report.
It shall be the duty of the Town Clerk to at once notify in writing all members of committees that may be elected or appointed at any town meeting, stating the name of the committee and the business upon which they are to act.
It shall be the duty of the member designated as Chairman or first named of any committee chosen by the town to promptly call the members thereof together for organization.
It shall be the duty of all committees to report in writing at the Annual Town Meeting next following their appointment upon all matters referred to them, unless otherwise instructed.
[Added 3-19-1973 ATM, Art. 30]
A committee instructed to proceed under "§ 141-8 of the Code of the Town of Georgetown" shall hold at least one public hearing as soon as may be after it has been organized. Upon completion of its studies, it shall draft a report, file a copy with the Town Clerk which shall be a public record, advertise another public hearing on the recommendations contained in its draft report, post a notice in the office of the Town Clerk, hold such hearing at which such recommendations may be discussed by the public, and may thereafter redraft its recommendations prior to submission for the warrant for the town meeting. Failure to comply with the provisions of this section shall not invalidate any vote taken at a town meeting but the Town Clerk shall insert the words "§ 141-8 of the Code of the Town of Georgetown has not been complied with" in the warrant at the end of the article.
The reports of all officials shall be placed in the hands of the Selectmen for printing and publishing as soon as possible, not later than the 15th day of January of each year.
The Town Accountant shall in his annual report state specifically the objects for which the debt of the town was increased, if any, during the preceding year, and shall render a classified statement of all receipts and expenditures of the town in such detail as to give a fair and full exhibit of the objects and methods of all expenditures; and the Town Treasurer and all other persons having to do with the receipt or disbursement of the town's money shall so keep their accounts and render their bills as to enable the Accountant to readily make such classified statement.
[Added 6-16-1997 ATM, Art. 2]
The Moderator may take all votes requiring a 2/3 majority in the same manner in which he or she conducts the taking of a vote when a majority vote is required.