Town of Georgetown, MA
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Building Inspector of the Town of Georgetown 1-6-1973. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building construction — See Ch. 29.
Zoning — See Ch. 165.
The following regulation was adopted by the Building Inspector on January 6, 1973, under authority of § 29-4A of Chapter 29, Building Construction. It was posted in the Town Office and filed with the Town Clerk and is effective the same date. No building permit or occupancy permit will be issued unless these provisions have been complied with.
File completed application form for building permit with Building Inspector.
Attach deed showing ownership of land.
Attach disposal works construction permit issued by Board of Health. [Art. XI of State Sanitary Code (hereinafter called "XI") Reg. 2.5].
Attach surveyed plot plan or plans showing:
Location of the proposed building on the lot, and location of the septic tank and leaching field. (Art. XI, Reg. 2.3.) Elevation of basement floor or other interior part shall be shown to be above maximum groundwater elevation. Georgetown Board of Health Sanitary Regulations adopted July 17, 1972 (hereinafter called "Georgetown"), Sec. 4(a).
Location of test pit (XI, Reg. 2.3) and height of maximum groundwater elevation.
If land appears to be in a floodplain district as shown on Floodplain Map, plan must show elevation in two-foot contour intervals, and floodplain contour must be shown. (Chapter 165, Zoning, Article IV)
Location of building must comply with setback provisions of Chapter 165, Zoning.
Attach two sets of building plans and all other plans and specifications relating to the proposed construction and any other plans or information required by the Building Inspector.
Have corner markers, pipes, etc., in place showing the lot lines for inspection by the Building Inspector. These shall be permanent markers unless temporary markers are permitted by the Building Inspector.
After building permit is obtained, obtain inspection by Building Inspector after excavation and before foundation is poured or constructed. Building Inspector will note date of his approval on his inspection card.
Obtain inspection by Building Inspector before foundation is backfilled and before any framing begins. He will note on inspection card.
Obtain plumbing permit from Plumbing Inspector. State Plumbing Code, as authorized by MGL C. 142, § 13.
Obtain gas permit for gas fitting from Gas Inspector. (Massachusetts Gas Code, Sec. 2.1, as authorized by MGL C. 25, § 1214, and C. 143, § 3-0)
Obtain permit for bottled gas from Gas Inspector.(MGL C. 143, § 3O)
Notify Inspector of Wires before and after installing any electric wiring or fixtures. (Massachusetts Electric Code and MGL C. 143, § 3L)
No wall or ceiling of any building shall be lathed or insulated until all firestopping, wiring, gas and plumbing pipes are approved and Building Inspector has noted approval on his inspection card.
Obtain permit from Fire Chief for oil burner and storage of fuel oil. FPR-3 (Rules made under MGL C. 148, §§ 10 and 10A).
Upon completion of sewage disposal system, obtain certificate of compliance from Board of Health. (Art. XI, Reg. 2.6. See to it that a copy is filed with the Building Inspector.)
No building shall be occupied until an occupancy permit shall be issued by the Building Inspector. (§ 165-96 of Chapter 165, Zoning) No occupancy permit shall be issued while a violation of Art. XI of the State Sanitary Code or of the Georgetown Board of Health Sanitary Regulations adopted July 17, 1972, exists. [Georgetown, Sec. 5(a)]