Village of Rhinebeck, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Rhinebeck 11-8-1983 by resolution. Sections A125-3, A125-4, A125-7A, A125-9A and B, A125-18A(1), A125-19E, A125-29A, A125-36, A125-44, A125-48 and A125-49B amended during codification; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. II. Other amendments noted where applicable.]

Fire prevention and building construction — See Ch. 56.

Streets and sidewalks — See Ch. 98.

Vehicles and traffic — See Ch. 109.

Zoning — See Ch. 120.

Subdivision Regulations — See Ch. A126.

General Provisions (§ A125-1 — § A125-3) 

Procedure for Construction and Dedication (§ A125-4 — § A125-11) 

Road Classifications (§ A125-12 — § A125-15) 

Construction Specifications. (§ A125-16 — § A125-39) 

Utilities (§ A125-40 — § A125-43) 

Subdivisions on New Roads (§ A125-44 — § A125-47) 

Driveway Entrances (§ A125-48 — § A125-51) 

A125a Road Details
Article I General Provisions

§ A125-1 Purpose.

§ A125-2 Applicability.

§ A125-3 Interpretation.

Article II Procedure for Construction and Dedication

§ A125-4 Road plan.

§ A125-5 Performance bond or deposit.

§ A125-6 Preconstruction conference.

§ A125-7 Inspections.

§ A125-8 Maintenance during construction and prior to acceptance.

§ A125-9 Dedication of roads to the Village.

§ A125-10 Maintenance guaranty.

§ A125-11 Release of guaranty.

Article III Road Classifications

§ A125-12 General provisions.

§ A125-13 Major or through roads.

§ A125-14 Commercial or industrial roads.

§ A125-15 Local roads.

Article IV Construction Specifications.

§ A125-16 General provisions.

§ A125-17 Layout.

§ A125-18 Clearing and grubbing.

§ A125-19 Excavation, filling and rough grading.

§ A125-20 Trench excavations; laying and backfilling of pipe.

§ A125-21 Pipe specifications.

§ A125-22 Underdrains.

§ A125-23 Catch basins and curb inlets.

§ A125-24 Subgrade.

§ A125-25 Installation of utilities.

§ A125-26 Fine grading, foundation course and granular materials.

§ A125-27 Asphaltic concrete surface courses.

§ A125-28 Curbs.

§ A125-29 Sidewalks.

§ A125-30 Intersections.

§ A125-31 Road name posts.

§ A125-32 Monuments.

§ A125-33 Guide rails.

§ A125-34 Easements.

§ A125-35 Open ditches.

§ A125-36 House drains.

§ A125-37 Culs-de-sac.

§ A125-38 Grades and vertical curves.

§ A125-39 Culverts.

Article V Utilities

§ A125-40 General provisions.

§ A125-41 Road opening permits.

§ A125-42 Inspections.

§ A125-43 Right-of-way maintenance.

Article VI Subdivisions on New Roads

§ A125-44 Applicability.

§ A125-45 Completion of road.

§ A125-46 Preliminary plans.

§ A125-47 Final plans.

Article VII Driveway Entrances

§ A125-48 Permit required.

§ A125-49 Curb cuts.

§ A125-50 Ditch crossings.

§ A125-51 Grades.