Township of Lebanon, NJ
Hunterdon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Lebanon by Ord. No. 3-1997 (Sec. 3-5 of the 1985 Revised General Ordinances). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Smoke-sensitive alarm devices — See Ch. 214, Art. II.
The purpose of this chapter is to alleviate conditions which lead to an unnecessary drain and use on the manpower, time, space, facility and finances of the Township of Lebanon and the Police and Fire Departments.
The provisions of this chapter shall apply to any person other than the Township who operates, maintains or owns any alarm device designed to summon the Police, Fire Department or other municipal agency to any location in response to any type of alarm signal.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any type of alarm, actuating equipment which provides warning of intrusion, fire, burglary, flood or like peril.
The installment in one or more buildings of one or more alarm devices for the express purpose of giving visual or audible warning, or both, of an emergency such as burglary, intrusion, fire, smoke, flood or like perils.
The activation of an alarm system by causes other than those to which the alarm system was designed or intended to respond, resulting in a response by the Lebanon Township Police, Fire Department or First Aid Squad, where an emergency situation does not exist.
All components of alarms systems and devices shall be maintained by the owners or users thereof in good repair. When evidence exists that there has been a failure by such owners or users to properly maintain the alarm devices, the Police Chief is authorized to demand that such devices be disconnected from the telephone system used by the Police and Fire Departments until such time as appropriate repairs and/or modifications are made.
All alarms systems shall be registered with the Township of Lebanon, through the Chief of Police.
No person shall maintain or operate any alarm system except in conformance with this section.
It shall first have been registered with the Police Department as hereinafter required.
The applicant consents to the inspection of the premises where the alarm is located during working hours or other mutually agreeable times.
The applicant maintains at police headquarters the name, telephone number and address of a relative, neighbor or other third party who can be contacted by the Police Department in case of an alarm.
The owner of each alarm system shall pay to the Township a one-time registration fee in the amount set forth in Chapter 205, Article II, Fee Schedule, to cover cost of registration and other costs incurred by the Township.[1]
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. III).
The owner of any alarm system or device shall be governed by the false alarm procedures and penalties set forth in § 116-6.
If any person has an alarm system or device in existence at the time of passage of this chapter, he shall have 60 days in which to program the equipment to comply with the terms of this chapter. He shall have 60 days to register the alarm system or device with the Chief of Police.
The sensory mechanism of alarm systems or devices shall be adjusted so as to suppress false indications and not to be actuated by impulses due to, among other things, pressure changes in water pipes, short flashes of light, wind, noises, rattling or vibration of doors or windows or other forces unrelated to general alarms.
All components of alarm systems or devices shall be maintained by the owner or his designee in good repair. When evidence exists that there has been failure to comply with the operation requirements of this chapter, the Chief of Police is then authorized to demand that such device be disconnected until such time as compliance with such requirements is reestablished, and any person violating the operation or registration requirements of this chapter shall be subject to the penalties set forth herein.
False alarms investigations. In case of false alarms which summon the Police or Fire Department to investigate, the Police Chief shall cause an investigation to be made and shall keep a record of such false alarms on file.
Penalties for false alarms. In any twelve-month period, the following penalties shall apply:
For the first and second false alarms, a warning shall be issued. If the alarm system or device is not registered, the first and second false alarms will be assessed a fine of $50.
For the third false alarm, a fine of $50 shall be paid to the Township. If the alarm system or device is not registered, the fine assessed will be $100.
For the fourth or subsequent false alarm, a fine of $100 shall be paid to the Township. If the alarm or device is not registered, the fine assessed will be $200.
In the event of a fourth or subsequent false alarm, in addition to the fine of $100 established herein, an investigation shall be conducted by the Police Department. Where the investigation by the Police Department discloses continued abuse of or negligent operation or maintenance of an alarm device and a disregard of the taking of remedial steps to avoid false alarms, the Chief of Police may require disconnection of the device for a limited or permanent time.
Each incident shall be considered a separate violation.