Township of Lebanon, NJ
Hunterdon County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Lebanon as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Returned checks — See Ch. 166.
Payment of taxes required prior to issuance of licenses and permits — See Ch. 247, Art. I.
[Adopted by Ord. No. 14-1984; amended by Ord. No. 2002-08 (Sec. 2-9.1 of the 1985 Revised General Ordinances)]
The laws of the State of New Jersey require each municipality to provide certain public health activities and services; and such activities and services can, in most instances, be best provided on a regional basis. The Hunterdon County Health Department is the most appropriate regional authority for such purpose; and such regional services and activities have heretofore been provided without direct cost to this Township, but now the County Health Department will make a direct charge for its services.
The following fees and charges are herewith established:
For the filing of an application and plans to locate and construct an individual sewage disposal system, plan review, site inspection, issuance of permit and installation inspections: $200.
For the filing of an application and plans for a permit to alter an existing individual sewage disposal system and issue said permit: $100.
For filing an application for repair: $50.
Application renewal fee: $50.
The fees for a temporary or permanent food handler's license and for county inspections are set forth in Chapter 205, Article II, Fee Schedule.
[Amended 4-18-2007 by Ord. No. 2007-7]
All fees shall be payable directly to the Hunterdon County Board of Health Department and shall be paid at the time of inspection.
The Hunterdon County Health Director is hereby designated as the Health Officer of the Township of Lebanon.
[Adopted 2-2-2005 by Ord. No. 2005-03[1]]
Editor's Note: This ordinance specifically repealed all previous ordinances establishing a schedule of fees, and it stated that it shall serve as the sole source for establishing all copies, permits, licenses, photographs and search fees.
[Amended 9-2-2020 by Ord. No. 2020-08]
A request for records from the Township of Lebanon shall incur a charge equal to the actual cost of duplication by the Township. Said costs shall be set forth by a schedule prepared by the Municipal Clerk and approved by the Township Committee and updated as needed to reflect current costs.
The Township of Lebanon may impose a special service charge to cover the cost of labor where complying with the request for documents involves the use of technology. For a request for records in a medium not routinely used by the Township of Lebanon and requiring a substantial amount of manipulation and/or programming of information technology, the Township of Lebanon may charge, in addition to the cost of duplication, a special reasonable charge related to its labor cost of making the copy.
[Amended 4-18-2007 by Ord. No. 2007-7; 11-14-2012 by Ord. No. 2012-06; 5-15-2019 by Ord. No. 2019-04; 9-2-2020 by Ord. No. 2020-08]
Codification of Ordinances
Zoning Ordinance Book
$40/$4 for mailing
Master Plan
$30/$4 for mailing
Complete Tax or Zoning Map
$13.50/$2.50 for mailing
Lebanon Township Road Map
Hunterdon County Map (when available)
Cost of film and reproduction
Assessment searches
List of taxpayers on USB
Cost of medium
Vital records
Marriage license
Birth, death, marriage, civil union or domestic partnership, first copy
Birth, death, marriage, civil union or domestic partnership, additional copies
Copy of Committee audio
Certified property owner list (Chs. 45 and 330)
Memorial Park rental fees
Large pavilion — Scott Brunnell Pavilion
Large events (500 guests)
Over 101 to 499 guests, weddings/corporate gatherings
Under 100 guests
Small pavilion
General field usage
$35 per day, per session
Dogs (Ch. 125, Art. I)
Dog license for altered dog
Dog license for unaltered dog
Dog license, late registration
$25 after February 1
Dog license replacement tag
Kennel license fee (Ch. 125, Art. II)
10 or fewer dogs
More than 10 dogs
Alarm systems: a one-time registration fee (Ch. 116)
Alcoholic beverages, annual license fees (Ch. 120)
Plenary retail consumption license
Plenary retail distribution
Camping facilities (Ch. 155)
Class A license (annual license fee)
Class B license
No fee
Certificate of continued occupancy (CCO) (Ch. 161)
Returned check fee (Ch. 166)
Fire prevention, enforcement of Uniform Fire Code (Ch. 214, Art. I)
Additional required inspections and fees:
Total Area
(square feet)
Under 1,500
1,501 to 3,000
3,001 to 5,000
5,001 to 7,500
7,501 to 10,000
10,001 to 11,999
Application for permit:
Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Type 4
Smoke-sensitive alarm devices and fire extinguishers, inspection fee (Ch. 214, Art. II)
Floodplain certification (Ch. 220, Art. II)
Review map and write letter
Visit property, review map and write letter
Junkyard, junk shop, or automobile junkyard license (Ch. 238)
Peddler's license fee (Ch. 274, Art. I)
$100 per year
Percolation witness fee (Ch. 278)
$125 per hole
Percolation rewitness fee (Ch. 278)
$125 per hole (additional)
Plays, productions and performances: annual license fee (Ch. 283)
Driveway permit (Ch. 325)
Road opening permit (Ch. 325, Art. II)
$75 plus additional 15% cash bond based on estimated work
Road opening permit renewal (Ch. 325, Art. II)
Trailer parks, trailer camps and campsites (Ch. 344)
Annual license fee
Additional fee per week per trailer
Additional fee for three days or less per trailer
Permit for temporary use (90 days) of trailer on private property for emergencies
Tree removal permit (see also Ch. 349, Trees)
$25 and up
Recreational vehicles, redemption of (Ch. 372)
Maximum daily impoundment fee, per vehicle
Administration and overhead fees for storage, per day, per vehicle
Site plan exemption application (Ch. 400)
Zoning permit (Ch. 400)
Retail food establishments, Board of Health (Ch. 418)
Permanent location
Category 1
Newsstands, pharmacies, liquor stores, and other establishments handling commercially prepared, prepackaged nonpotentially hazardous foods as an incidental part of their business
$50 (Township); $100 (county)
Category 2
Bed-and-breakfasts which serve full breakfasts; agricultural markets (where there is no food preparation) where potentially hazardous foods are offered for sale or where grocery food items account for 50% or more of the sales area
$50 (Township); $100 (county)
Category 3
All other retail food establishments
$50 (Township); $200 (county)
Temporary location
Temporary retail food establishments for events of 3 or fewer days
$50 (Township); $75 (county)
Temporary retail food establishments for events more of 4 or more days
$50 (Township); $125 (county)
Fees for copies of reports (i.e., accident reports, operation reports, investigation reports, discovery, etc.) shall be as follows:
In person at the police station:
For the first 10 pages: $0.75 per page.
For the 11th through 20th pages: $0.50 per page.
For each page after 20: $0.25 per page.
Request by mail:
For the first 10 pages: $0.75 per page, plus postage.
For the 11th through 20th pages: $0.50 per page, plus postage.
For each page after 20: $0.25 per page, plus postage.
A request that requires the searching of files for surveys and other civil matters (not for law enforcement purpose) under extraordinary circumstances as per law shall be charged at the rate of $10 minimum plus $40 per hour (or a part thereof).