Township of Falls, PA
Bucks County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of Falls Township 9-18-2002 by Ord. No. 2002-19. Amendments noted where applicable.]
There is hereby created by the Board of Supervisors of Falls Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the Falls Township Community and Economic Development Commission (Commission).
The Commission shall serve in the capacity as an advisory body charged with the duty of researching and planning for economic development alternatives for Falls Township consistent with the development of the Comprehensive Plan, with its purposes to create programs to assist commercial enterprises to locate, expand and revitalize with Falls Township and to advise the Board of Supervisors of potential grants, aids, assistance and other opportunities available with the cooperation or involvement of Falls Township resources.
"Commercial enterprises" shall mean any business or for-profit enterprise engaged in manufacturing, processing or other establishments, including but not limited to stores, sales facilities, offices, restaurants, service or repair facilities, sports or recreational facilities and theaters.
Each member of the Commission shall either be a taxpayer, resident or engaged in a business within Falls Township. Upon the failure of any person to be so qualified, such person may not thereafter act as a member of the Commission.
[Amended 9-16-2008 by Ord. No. 2008-04]
The Commission shall be composed of five members, one of whom shall be a member of the Township Planning Commission. The members shall serve under the direction of and at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors, which shall select diverse members, including owners or operators of Falls Township businesses and citizens with a record of community involvement by reason of qualifications and experiences with an understanding of business operations, economic development, community involvement, local government operations and knowledge of planning and zoning throughout Falls Township in order to address the specific concerns of Falls Township residents and business community. The appointed chairperson shall be responsible for the decorum of the meetings, setting the time and place of meetings and preparing agendas. Unless the Commission has submitted for approval to the Board of Supervisors requesting adoption of rules of procedure or bylaws to the contrary, the Commission meetings will be conducted professionally and formally, and the parliamentary procedures of Robert's Rules of Order will govern the conduct of each meeting, including formal actions or decisions of the Commission.
The initial appointment of members shall be for a term of office to commence _________, 2002, on the following staggered basis wherein the term of membership shall expire on the first Monday of January in the years indicated as follows:
Three members to be appointed for a term expiring in the year 2004.
Two members to be appointed for a term expiring in the year 2005.
Two members to be appointed for a term expiring in the year 2006.
Two members to be appointed for a term expiring in the year 2007.
Upon the expiration of the respective terms of membership of the initial appointees, including any substitutions of members by reason of vacancy, each of the subsequent terms of membership commencing on the respective expiration dates aforesaid shall be for a term of five years.
The members of the Commission shall serve without financial remuneration, but the Board of Supervisors may annually appropriate for the conduct of the Commission's business such sum of money as the Board of Supervisors shall deem necessary. No member of the Commission shall participate in the development of any recommendations that could create an actual or apparent conflict of interest. Members of the Commission should be held to fully comply with all state applicable codes of ethics and standards of conduct regulating the conduct of any person holding or being appointed to any board, council, committee or commission within Falls Township.
The Commission shall serve as an advisory body researching opportunities for growth, planning and the economic development of Falls Township over the next 10 years. The Commission shall organize and elect such officers as it deems necessary, and it shall be charged with execution of the purposes set forth in this chapter. The Commission shall prescribe such other rules and procedures for its organization and functions as shall enable it to discharge its duties, which shall include:
Researching and reporting on successful economic development initiatives used by other local governments facing similar challenges as Falls Township within the next 10 years.
Identifying specific types of economic development strategies that may be appropriate for the future of Falls Township and evaluating these strategies on the basis of impact on revenues such as tax base development; impact on expenses such as the potential cost of delivering needed services; and addressing secondary impacts, practicality, environmental impact, aesthetic impact and appropriateness.
Identifying the manner in which Falls Township could support these strategies in the Comprehensive Plan and through other policies.
Researching the feasibility of the following: agricultural activities, such as farms, stables and nurseries; global maritime import/export based industries; technology-based industries, such as computer programming; and professional campus developments and home-based businesses and any other commercial enterprises.
In order most effectively to accomplish its objectives, the Commission shall receive the full assistance, advice and cooperation of the Township Manager and staff and of the other boards, commissions and agencies of Falls Township. Furthermore, the Commission shall seek the aid and advice of appropriate county governments, agencies, boards, commissions and authorities as needed.
The Commission is further hereby directed periodically to report to and consult with the Board of Supervisors in order to keep the latter informed of its activities and accomplishments. Such reporting shall include a written annual report to the Board of Supervisors from the Commission.
A duly appointed member shall attend no less than 80% of regular meetings during any twelve-month period for which there is no prearranged absence approved by the Chairperson. Failure to meet these attendance requirements shall be grounds for removal by the Board of Supervisors. A duly appointed member shall be subject to removal upon a majority vote of the Board of Supervisors at a public meeting. Upon a vacancy of any member position on the Commission, the Board of Supervisors shall, in a timely manner, appoint a qualified individual to serve out the unexpired term of said member.