Village of Rockville Centre, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Rockville Centre 5-20-1991 by L.L. No. 3-1991. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building Code — See Ch. 112.
Signs and posting bills — See Ch. 335.
Zoning — See Ch. 340.
The Board of Trustees of the Village of Rockville Centre declares and finds it to be in the public interest and for the public good to protect property values, create a more attractive economic and business climate, enhance and protect the physical appearance of the community, preserve the scenic and natural beauty and for other aesthetic considerations to provide for the regulation of awnings and awning signs within the business districts of the Incorporated Village of Rockville Centre. The Board of Trustees further intends to reduce visual clutter, advertising distractions and obstructions that may contribute to traffic accidents and injuries, as well as help provide for the safety of pedestrians.
As used in this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:
An unenclosed roof-like structure, supported entirely by the building to which it is attached and which may be of a stationery or retractable type.
Any lettering and/or numbers sewn, attached, painted, inscribed or otherwise directly applied on an awning.
Areas wholly or partly within the following use districts as defined in Chapter 340 of the Village Code:
Business AAA.
Business AA.
Business A.
Business B.
Urban Renewal Commercial or light Manufacturing A.
Urban Renewal Recreational and Limited Commercial.
A retractable awning.
A fixed-frame awning that is not retractable.
Street line above.
The dividing line between the street and a lot.
Drop awnings may extend beyond the street line but may not extend over the sidewalk past a point that is within two feet of the curbline.
A drop awning, including its valance, if any, when let down to its full extent, may not be less than seven feet six inches above the sidewalk at any point.
Only lettering and numbering that is no more than six inches in height is permitted. Such letters and numbers may set forth only the name and street number of the entity transacting business in the building to which the awning is attached.
The framework for fixed awnings shall not be less than seven feet six inches above the sidewalk at any point.
The awning shall be constructed so that the projection outwards to height against the building ratio shall not exceed a ratio of 1:2.
No more than one fixed awning sign shall be allowed on each premise.
Such sign shall:
Consist of one row of letters or numbers on the front side of the awning.
Be limited to the name of the premises and its street address.
The letters and numbers shall be painted, sewn, inscribed or attached directly to the front of the awning.
Individual lettering and/or numbers shall not exceed 24 inches in overall height, with the bottom of each letter and/or number situated within two inches of the lowest edge of the awning or its valance, if any, and parallel to such edge or valance.
Lettering and/or numbering shall not be permitted on any other part of the awning.
A fixed awning sign is not permitted on the same facade of a building onto which a wall sign is attached. A fixed awning sign is permitted, upon compliance with this chapter, after the removal of any wall signs that are on the facade to which the awning sign is to be attached. A facade of a building may not have both a wall sign and a fixed awning sign at the same time per § 335-5(B) of this Code.
Every awning must be constructed so that it may be detached from the supporting building, and every awning is subject to removal by its owner upon notice by the Board of Trustees.
A permit issued by the Building Superintendent of the Village of Rockville Centre must be obtained before beginning the installation of any type of awning.
No more than three colors or shades of color, including the lettering and/or numbering, may be used on any awning or awning sign.
Awnings existing at the time of the adoption of this chapter are hereby declared to be nonconforming. These may remain until such time as the canvas or canopy covering is replaced, and at such time the new canvas or canopy covering must be in conformity with this chapter as well as Chapter 335 of this Code.
Whenever an awning frame is replaced, the entire new awning, both covering and frame, must be in conformity with this chapter and Chapter 335 of this Code.