City of Royal Oak, MI
Oakland County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Commission of the City of Royal Oak 6-18-1917 by Ord. No. 72; amended 8-18-1926 by Ord. No. 157. Subsequent amendments noted where applicable.]
Water supply — See Ch. 13.
Southeastern Oakland County Water Authority — See Ch. 160.
Flood damage prevention — See Ch. 351.
Sewers and sewage disposal — See Ch. 600.
Stormwater detention — See Ch. 644.
Wastewater — See Ch. 740.
Water — See Ch. 745.
The rules and regulations hereinafter named shall be considered a part of the contract with every person, company or corporation that is supplied with water through the water system of the City of Royal Oak, Michigan.
Before any service connection shall be made or any work performed upon old or new connections, a permit shall be obtained from the City Clerk. No permit shall be issued to any person who is not licensed as a master plumber in the City of Royal Oak.
[Amended 3-16-1942 by Ord. No. 404]
The City Commission shall, from time to time, establish fees to be charged for services rendered by the officers, agents and employees of the City incident to the granting of the permit herein provided for, which fees shall be paid before the permit is issued. Such fees shall include the cost of tapping the main, installing the curb stop and laying the pipe to the curb stop, which curb stop and pipe shall be and remain the property of the City of Royal Oak.
No owner or occupant of any building or premises shall be allowed to supply water to other persons or families, firm, company or corporation except by permission of the City Manager, or permit any unnecessary waste of water. If found doing so, the supply of water may be shut off at the option of the City.
All service pipes connecting with the distributing pipes of the Royal Oak water mains shall be laid in accordance with the provisions of this article and rules and regulations of the City of Royal Oak pertaining to its waterworks and shall be under the supervision of the proper officers of said City.
In all cases where the connection is intended to supply more than one tenement, shop, store or building, it shall be the duty of the person making such connection or causing the same to be made to lay down a branch with a stop cock for each branch outside the line of premises so to be supplied, to be suitably protected and marked as to be easily found. In no case shall one service supply more than one lot unless occupied by a single building used for a single industry or enterprise.
[Amended 3-16-1942 by Ord. No. 404]
Meters shall be installed by the City upon all premises supplied with water. Any damage sustained by said meter resulting from the neglect or carelessness of the agent, owner or tenant to properly secure and protect the same shall be paid by the owner to the City. It shall be unlawful for any person to interfere with or remove the water meter from any service where it has been attached without permission from the proper officers of the City, and it shall be unlawful for anyone to interfere with the reading of said meters by duly authorized officers of the City.
Any premises may be disconnected from the distribution pipes of the Royal Oak water system and the supply of water withheld from said premises when the ordinances, rules and regulations of the City pertaining to the water system have in any manner been violated by the owner or occupant of said premises.
Proprietors of manufacturing institutions, lumberyards, hotels, stores, elevators, warehouses, halls and other public buildings wishing to lay large pipes with hydrant and hose coupling to be used only in case of fire will be permitted to connect with the street main at their own expense, upon application to the City Manager and under his direction, and will be allowed to use all water for fire purpose free of charge, but all such pipes must be provided with suitable valve which must be sealed by the City when building. When the seal is broken for the extinguishments of fire, such owner or party or proprietor shall immediately give notice to the City Manager, and in case the said seal shall have been broken for any other purpose, the owner or proprietor of such property shall be liable to the penalties prescribed herein for the breach of any of the provisions of this article. No standpipe will be allowed on any premises where the water is not taken for other than fire purposes.
The duly constituted authorities of the City of Royal Oak shall have power and authority at all reasonable hours to enter upon any premises where water service is established for the purpose of inspecting and making an examination of all pipes and fixtures connected with the said waterworks, and they shall have power and authority to require any pipes or fixtures to be repaired, removed, replaced or changed where the same are defective or not in compliance with the provisions of the ordinances of said City, or the rules and regulations in relation to the waterworks of said City, and they may make such alterations and repairs or do such other acts with relation thereto as they shall deem necessary.
Whenever the water is turned off from any premises at the request of the owner or because of default of the owner or occupant thereof, the same shall not be turned on again until the owner has deposited with the City Manager the sum of $1 be cover the labor cost, and in cases where extraordinary labor is required such additional sum as will compensate for such additional labor.
[Amended 5-18-1936 by Ord. No. 302; 1-5-1976 by Ord. No. 76-3]
The owner or occupant of any land or premises against which water rates shall be assessed shall pay same to the City Treasurer quarter-annually or more frequently as may be required according to such rules and regulations as may be adopted from time to time by the City Commission.
All water charges shall be a lien upon the premises from and after the due date thereof and a five-percent penalty shall immediately attach thereto. All unpaid water charges which upon the 31st day of December have remained delinquent for a period of two months shall be placed on the delinquent water roll and shall have appended thereto a five-percent penalty charge. If the items on the delinquent water roll remain unpaid as of February 28, they shall be reported by the City Clerk to the City Commission, and the City Commission may require such charges to be transferred by the City Treasurer to the delinquent tax rolls. In the process thereof, an additional five-percent penalty charge shall be added. Said delinquent charges shall then be dealt with by the City Treasurer and enforced in the same manner and by the same means as are similar lien interests.