City of Rochester, NY
Monroe County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Rochester City Council 11-25-1941. Amendments noted where applicable.]
City Clerk in general — See Charter Art. IV, § 4-3.
Official Seal — See Ch. 15.
[Added 12-30-1985 by Ord. No. 85-561[1]]
The annual salary of the President of the Council shall be $10,000.
Editor's Note: This ordinance also renumbered former § 5-1, Custody of oaths of office, as § 5-6.
[Amended 11-12-1985 by Ord. No. 85-480; 2-14-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-22]
The City Clerk be and he or she hereby is authorized and directed to affix the City Seal to any instrument which the Mayor has been or may hereafter be authorized to execute and attest the same or the signature of the Mayor thereon.
[Amended 1-24-1978 by Ord. No. 78-42; 4-12-1983 by Ord. No. 83-107; 5-22-1990 by Ord. No. 90-191; 12-17-2002 by Ord. No. 2002-405; 2-14-2006 by Ord. No. 2006-22]
The City Clerk shall demand and receive from each person appointed to the office of Commissioner of Deeds, at the time of his or her qualifying to said office, the sum of $20 to defray the necessary expenses incident to the appointment, notification of appointment and qualification.
[Amended 5-23-1978 by Ord. No. 78-238]
The City Clerk shall charge a fee of $1.50 for each certified copy of an ordinance or local law of the City of Rochester, except when an officer or employee of the City of Rochester certifies to the City Clerk that such copy or copies are for a public use.
[Amended 6-22-1965 by Ord. No. 65-174; 11-12-1985 by Ord. No. 85-480]
The City Clerk and all employees in the City Clerk's office shall be entitled to the same vacation schedule as all other City employees, as provided for in the rules and regulations relative to vacations and vacation schedules as promulgated by the Mayor.
[Amended 12-17-2002 by Ord. No. 2002-405]
The City Clerk shall maintain a record, in card index form, of oaths of office of officers of the City of Rochester.
Editor's Note: Former § 5-6, Salary of the City Clerk and his staff, last amended 6-29-1971 by Ord. No. 71-372, was repealed 9-12-1978 by Ord. No. 78-463.
[Amended 1-8-1957; 9-11-1962; 5-23-1978 by Ord. No. 78-238]
The Council hereby approves of the designation by the City Clerk, pursuant to § 15 of the Domestic Relations Law, of the Deputy City Clerk as a person to receive applications for, examine applications, investigate and issue marriage licenses in the absence or inability of the City Clerk to act. The Council hereby further approves of the revocation of the designation of other persons to perform these aforesaid duties in the office of the City Clerk.
The City Clerk shall be entitled to the fee established by the State of New York for a marriage license, a fee of $10 for a certificate of marriage issued at the time of issuance of the marriage license and a fee of $10 for a duplicate certificate of marriage issued upon the request of any person whose name appears on a certificate indexed and recorded in the office of the City Clerk.
[Amended 6-23-1981 by Ord. No. 81-232; 5-12-1992 by Ord. No. 92-173; 6-14-1994 by Ord. No. 94-171]
The fee for a marriage license or a certificate of marriage shall be waived when either of the parties making application for such license or certificate is a member of the Armed Forces of the United States on active duty. Proof that the applicant is a member of the Armed Forces of the United States on active duty shall be furnished to the satisfaction of the official issuing the marriage license or certificate.
[Added 11-12-2019 by Ord. No. 2019-323]
The City Clerk is hereby directed to certify to the City Treasurer all ordinances which direct an assessment to be levied against property benefited immediately upon their adoption.
[Added 11-26-1946]
It shall be the duty of the City Clerk immediately upon the adoption of an ordinance amending the Official Map or Plan of the City of Rochester[1] to file with the Clerk of the County of Monroe a certificate showing that the said City of Rochester has amended, changed and added to its Official Map or Plan as set forth in said ordinance.
Editor's Note: See also Ch. 76, Official Map.
[Added 9-13-1995 by Ord. No. 95-316; amended 6-22-2004 by Ord. No. 2004-172; 6-21-2011 by Ord. No. 2011-194; 6-19-2018 by Ord. No. 2018-168[1]]
The Council may appoint the City Clerk and other members of the City Clerk's staff to serve as marriage officers pursuant to § 11-c of the Domestic Relations Law. Such marriage officers may charge a fee not to exceed $75 for officiating at a marriage, which fee shall be payable to the City of Rochester.
Editor's Note: This ordinance provided an effective date of 7-1-2018.