City of Rochester, NY
Monroe County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Part I, City Government

Chapter 2 Assessment, Department of

Chapter 3 Assessment Method, Local

Chapter 4 Board of Review

Chapter 4A Cable Television

Chapter 5 City Clerk

Chapter 6 (Reserved)

Chapter 7 Continuity of Government

Chapter 8 Finance, Department of

Chapter 8A Purchasing and Property Management

Chapter 9 Grievance Procedure

Chapter 10 Improvements, Municipal and Local

Chapter 12 Law, Department of

Chapter 13 Mayor and Deputy Mayor

Chapter 13A Municipal Code Violations Bureau

Chapter 14 Officers and Employees

Chapter 15 Official Seal, Emblems and Celebrations

Chapter 16 (Reserved)

Chapter 17 (Reserved)

Chapter 18 Public Records

Chapter 19 Public Safety

Chapter 20 Refuse Collection

Chapter 21 Real Estate

Chapter 22 (Reserved)

Chapter 23 Waterworks

Part II, General Ordinances

Chapter 27 Alarm Systems and Businesses

Chapter 28 Ambulance Service Operator

Chapter 29 Amusements

Chapter 30 Animals

Chapter 31 ANIMALS — DOG Control

Chapter 32 Auctions and Auctioneers

Chapter 34 Bicycles

Chapter 35 Bill Posting and Advertising

Chapter 36 Bingo License Law and Games of Chance

Chapter 36A (Reserved)

Chapter 37 Bowling Alleys

Chapter 38 (Reserved)

Chapter 39 Building Code

Chapter 40 Plumbing Licensing Ordinance

Chapter 42 (Reserved)

Chapter 43 Cemeteries

Chapter 43A Coastal High-Hazard Areas

Chapter 44 Conduct, Miscellaneous

Chapter 45 (Reserved)

Chapter 46 Dance Halls

Chapter 47 Dangerous Articles

Chapter 47A Demolition Regulations

Chapter 47B Domestic Partnerships

Chapter 48 Environmental Review

Chapter 49 Electrical Licensing Ordinance

Chapter 50 Elevators, Escalators and Other Conveyances

Chapter 51 (Reserved)

Chapter 52 Enforcement Procedures

Chapter 53 (Reserved)

Chapter 54 Fire Prevention Code

Chapter 56 Flood Damage Prevention

Chapter 57 (Reserved)

Chapter 59 Health and Sanitation

Chapter 60 Food Trucks, Trailers and Carts

Chapter 61 House Numbering

Chapter 62 Commercial Travelers, Solicitors and Special Events

Chapter 63 Human Rights

Chapter 64 Income Tax Refund Anticipation Loans

Chapter 65 (Reserved)

Chapter 66 Junkyard Operators, Junk Dealers and Scrap Processors

Chapter 67 Labor

Chapter 67A (Reserved)

Chapter 68 LICENSES — BUSINESS and Trades

Chapter 69 Littering and Smoking

Chapter 70 (Reserved)

Chapter 71 Miscellaneous Trades

Chapter 72 (Reserved)

Chapter 74 (Reserved)

Chapter 75 Noise

Chapter 76 Official Map

Chapter 76A (Reserved)

Chapter 77 Oil Burners

Chapter 78 (Reserved)

Chapter 79 Parks

Chapter 80 Pawnbrokers

Chapter 81 (Reserved)

Chapter 83 (Reserved)

Chapter 85 Poulterers

Chapter 86 Press Representatives

Chapter 87 Private Hospitals, Sanitoria, Nursing Homes and Similar Institutions

Chapter 89 Property, Care of

Chapter 90 Property Code

Chapter 91 Public Market

Chapter 92 (Reserved)

Chapter 93 Public Emergencies, Restricted Conduct in Time of

Chapter 95 (Reserved)

Chapter 95A Consumer Protection

Chapter 96 Secondhand Dealers

Chapter 97 Sewer Use Code

Chapter 98 Sexually Oriented Businesses

Chapter 99 Shooting Ranges

Chapter 100 Smoke and Air Pollution Control

Chapter 101 Solid Fuel Dealers

Chapter 103 Stationary Engineers and Refrigeration Operators Licensing Ordinance

Chapter 104 Streets and Street Encroachments

Chapter 104A (Reserved)

Chapter 105 (Reserved)

Chapter 106 (Reserved)

Chapter 107 Taxation

Chapter 108 Taxicabs

Chapter 108A Towing

Chapter 109 Transient Merchants

Chapter 111 Vehicle and Traffic

Chapter 112 Waterfront Consistency Review Ordinance

Chapter 113 Weights and Measures

Chapter 115 (Reserved)

Chapter 120 Zoning

Chapter 125 (Reserved)

Chapter 126 (Reserved)


Attachment AM Table of Zoning Amendments

Attachment GL Guidelines

Attachment INT Interpretations

Attachment PDD Planned Development Districts

Attachment ZMA Table of Zoning Map Amendments


Chapter 127 Parks — Maintenance by County of Monroe

Chapter 128 Land Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 129 (Reserved)

Chapter 130 Comprehensive Plan

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List

Prior Zoning Codes

Chapter 120Z Prior Zoning Codes