Town of New Canaan, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted New Canaan Board of Selectmen 11-15-61; effective 12-16-61. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The minimum area for fallout shelters shall be 80 square feet for one to six persons. For each person over six, an additional 10 square feet shall be added. The minimum height of shelters shall be six feet six inches.
All passages giving access shall be constructed so that any nearby falling objects will not crush them. All exits shall be at ground level and be so arranged that occupants can get out without outside assistance. An approved emergency exit shall be provided.
A hand-operated blower system shall be provided to supply filtered outside fresh air at a minimum rate of six cubic feet per person per minute. The intake system shall be of rigid metal pipe with approved tight joints terminating at least three feet above the surrounding surfaces, shall include an approved system to filter dust from the incoming air, and shall include an approved outside screening cap. The associated exhaust system for expelling stale air shall be of equal construction, and equally approved screening. Caps shall be provided to close the exhaust and inlet vents from the inside shelter.
Ceiling shall be of sufficient thickness at all points to provide the radiation shielding effectiveness equal to eight inches of concrete of 1.2.3 proportions of portland cement, clean sharp sand and washed gravel plus two feet of earth or the equivalent. The walls of below-ground shelters shall be a minimum of 12 inch block or equivalent. Aboveground shelters shall provide equivalent protection. All walls, ceiling and floor must be of sufficient thickness to provide a protection factor of 1,000.
All shelters shall be so constructed that an excess load of 300 pounds per square foot will be carried without damage to the structure.
All shelters shall be provided with a four inch metal trap and Orangeburg, tile or cast-iron pipe to carry off all fluid material which may accumulate in the shelter and deposit it at a level below the floor of the shelter.
It is recommended that hand-operated fire-fighting equipment be available in all shelters. Chemical extinguishers or compounds which employ or can produce toxic or suffocating gases, such as carbon dioxide extinguishers and bomb- or pump-type extinguishers employing carbon tetrachloride, shall not be used.
[Amended 3-19-68; effective 4-19-68]
Before any building construction of fallout shelters is commenced there shall be issued, upon proper application and payment of the fee required by the Town Building Code, a permit therefor by the Town of New Canaan Building Inspector.
All shelters shall comply with the requirements set forth by the Office of Civilian Defense. Where not otherwise specifically approved, all shelters shall in all respects comply with the requirements of the Building Code of the Town of New Canaan. All outside shelters shall comply with the Zoning Regulations of the Town of New Canaan.[1]
   A shielded or rubber-covered antenna lead shall be installed in an approved manner at the time of construction of the shelter.
Editor's Note: For Building Code, see Ch. 9; Zoning see Ch. 60.