Township of Bernards, NJ
Somerset County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note: Former Section 21-30, was repealed by Ord. #1928, 2-27-2007, § 11. Ordinance #1928, § 12, also renumbered former Sections 21-31 through 21-34 as Sections 21-30 through 21-33, respectively.
[Ord. #585, § 602A]
Improvements shall be located on land classified as unrestricted except as provided in Subsection 21-14.1.
[Ord. #585, § 602B]
All buildings shall be designed with a parking area and access to a public street. When a site contains more than one building or use, a common architectural theme shall be reflected through the choice of building materials, architectural style, sign controls and/or color coordination. Special consideration should be given to pedestrian and bicycle access and to the parking of bicycles.
Each individual lot shall have access to a public street. Loading areas and access to loading areas shall be provided and shall be separate from parking areas and aisles. A landscaped buffer with plantings and/or mounding shall be provided between commercial and residential uses. Unless otherwise provided for in this chapter, such buffer shall be a minimum of 50 feet in depth. No commercial use shall create glare, heat, odor or physical vibrations perceptible at a property line.
[Ord. #1429, 5-29-2001, amended; Ord. #1871, 5-23-2006, amended]
Where a site contains more than one building, a compatible architectural theme shall be reflected through the choice of building materials and the use of landscaped open space.
[Ord. #585, § 602C]
[Ord. #585, § 602D; Ord. #1371, 8-24-1999, amended]
Nonresidential buildings shall not exceed the number of stories as set forth below:
Number of Stories
E-1, E-2
E-3, E-4, E-5
2 1/2
B-1, B-2, B-3, B-4, B-5
2 1/2
*NOTE: See Table 402 for modifications based on building setback.[1]
Editor's Note: Table 402 is included at the end of this chapter.