Township of Bernards, NJ
Somerset County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
(Note: Appendix A, Cash Deposit Agreement for a Performance Bond; Appendix B, Improvement Performance Bond; Appendix C, Developer's Agreement; Appendix D, Greenway/Public Access Easement Form; Appendix E, Sight Triangle Easement Form; Appendix F, Conservation Easement Form; Appendix G, Access Easement and Maintenance Agreement Form; Appendix H, Utility Easement Form; Appendix I, Sanitary Sewer Easement Form; Appendix J, Drainage Facilities Easement Form; Appendix K, Irrevocable Letter of Credit Form; and Appendix L, Stream Buffer Conservation Easement Form, may be found at the end of this chapter.) [Ord. #1429, 5-29-2001, amended; Ord. #1504, 11-8-2001, amended; Ord. #1562, 6-25-2002, amended]
SECTION 21-58 Fees

§ 21-58.1 Application Fees.

§ 21-58.2 Inspection Fees.

SECTION 21-58A Agreements

§ 21-58A.1 Developer's Agreement.

§ 21-58A.2 Deeds/Easements.

§ 21-58A.3 Ownership Organizations.

§ 21-58A.4 Maintenance Agreements.

§ 21-58A.5 Planned Unit Development.

SECTION 21-59 Installation of Improvements: Guaranty Agreement

§ 21-59.1 Installation of Improvements or Guaranty Prior to Grant of Final Subdivision Approval.

§ 21-59.2 Installation of Improvements and Guaranty Prior to Grant of Final Site Plan Approval.

§ 21-59.3 Performance Guaranty.

§ 21-59.4 Preparation of Estimate.

§ 21-59.5 Deadline for Completion of Improvements.

§ 21-59.6 Inspections.

§ 21-59.7 Release.

§ 21-59.8 Developer's Agreement.

§ 21-59.9 Requirement for As-Built Plans.

§ 21-59.10 Improvements Required for Certificate(s) of Occupancy.

§ 21-59.11 Approval in Sections.

§ 21-59.12 Maintenance Guaranty.

§ 21-59.13 Letters of Credit.

§ 21-59.14 Failure or Expiration of Guaranty.

§ 21-59.15 Improvements in Public Rights-of-Way.

§ 21-59.16 Performance Guaranty for Site Restoration.

SECTION 21-60 On-Tract and On-Site Improvements

§ 21-60.1 On-Tract Installations for Subdivisions.

§ 21-60.2 On-Tract Installations for Site Plans.

§ 21-60.3 On-Site Installations for Site Plans.

SECTION 21-61 Off-Tract Improvements

§ 21-61.1 Improvements to be Constructed at the Sole Expense of the Developer.

§ 21-61.2 Other Improvements.

§ 21-61.3 Performance Guaranty.

§ 21-61.4 Transfer of Deposit Where Improvements Are Not Authorized Within Ten Years.

§ 21-61.5 Deposit of Funds.

§ 21-61.6 Redetermination of Assessment Upon Completion of Improvement.