City of East Orange, NJ
Essex County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of East Orange 6-25-1990 by Ord. No. 10-1990. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Administrative organization — See Ch. 5.
Police citizens advisory council; director — See Ch. 14A, Art. X.
Public emergencies — See Ch. 28.
Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:14-146.10 et seq., there is hereby created within the City of East Orange a Class One Volunteer Auxiliary Police Unit. The City of East Orange may appoint auxiliary police for terms not to exceed one year, and the appointments may be revoked by the City for cause after adequate hearing, unless the appointment is for four months or less, in which event the appointment may be revoked without cause or hearing. Auxiliary police shall be under the control and supervision of the Chief of Police of the City of East Orange.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).
No person shall be appointed by the Board of Police Commissioners, or appropriate authority established by law, as a member of the auxiliary police unless:
The appointee is a resident of the state during the term of appointment.
The appointee is a resident of the City of East Orange.
The appointee is able to read, write and speak the English language well and intelligently and has a high school diploma or its equivalent.
The appointee is sound in body and of good health.[1]
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code (see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I).
The appointee is of good moral character.
The appointee has not been convicted of any offense involving dishonesty or which would make him unfit to perform the duties of his office.
The appointee has successfully undergone the same psychological testing that is required of all full-time police officers in the municipality or has successfully undergone a program of psychological testing approved by the commission.
The auxiliary police shall not carry or be issued firearms or other similar weapons.
Every applicant for the position of auxiliary police who is appointed shall have fingerprints taken, which fingerprints shall be filed with the Division of State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Auxiliary police shall comply with the rules and regulations applicable to the conduct and decorum of the regular police within the municipality.
No person shall be appointed to serve as an auxiliary police officer in more than one local unit at the same time, nor shall any permanent regularly appointed full-time police officer of East Orange be appointed as an auxiliary police officer in any local unit. No public official with responsibility for setting law enforcement policy or exercising authority over the budget of the municipality of East Orange or supervision of the Police Department of East Orange shall be appointed as an auxiliary police officer.
Before any auxiliary police officer is appointed, the Chief of Police or, in the absence of the Chief, the designee of the Chief of Police shall ascertain the eligibility and qualifications for the applicant and report these determinations in writing to the appointing authority.
Any person who at any time prior to appointment had served as a duly qualified, fully trained, full-time officer in any municipality of this state and who was separated from that prior service in good standing shall be eligible to serve as an auxiliary police officer.
[Amended 12-27-1999 by Ord. No. 15-1999]
The duties of the auxiliary police shall include, but not be limited to, service to the City of East Orange with regard to special events or functions and traffic control. Auxiliary police shall also have the power to issue summonses for disorderly persons and petty disorderly persons offenses, violations of municipal ordinances and violations of Title 39 of the Revised Statutes. In addition, duly appointed regular auxiliary police shall have all the powers of on-duty regular police officers at the following times only:
During any emergency, as defined in N.J.S.A. App. A:9-33 et seq., as amended and supplemented.
During any practice, drill or activity in preparation for such emergency duly authorized by the State Civilian Defense Director.
While actually engaged in training while attached to the Police Department.
The auxiliary police are hereby attached to the East Orange Police Department for the purpose of training. During the period of time that the auxiliary police are attached to the Police Department, they shall be under the supervision of the Chief of Police.