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Town of Glocester, RI
Providence County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Glocester 9-16-1993, effective 10-13-1993 (Ch. II, § 5, 2-05-02, of the 1991 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
Camping and travel trailer parks — See Ch. 151.
Mobile homes and house trailers — See Ch. 208.
A mandatory recycling program is hereby implemented in the Town of Glocester pursuant to Chapters 23-18.8, 23-18.9, and 23-19 of the Rhode Island General Laws and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Municipal Recycling Regulations, as amended.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Those materials required to be removed from the municipal solid waste at the source and delivered directly to the Town recycling facility or placed in or on top of the set-out container provided for collection by a privately contracted hauler.
Those separated from municipal solid waste for processing for reuse as specified by the Director of DEM and listed in Section 4 of the Municipal Recycling Regulations and within this chapter. The materials to be included may change from time to time depending upon new technologies, economic conditions, waste stream characteristics, environmental effects or mutual agreement between the state and municipalities.
Anyone residing in the Town of Glocester for any period of time who generates solid waste for which the Town accepts disposal responsibility.
Garbage, refuse and other discarded solid materials generated by residential sources.
The removal by the generator of recyclable materials, including mixed recyclables from all other solid waste generated by the household and conveyance of the recyclable materials to the Town recycling facilities or for collection by a private hauler.
All residents are required to separate recyclable materials from residential solid waste and to deliver those materials directly to the Town recycling facility by a private hauler. This chapter does not, however, bar any residents from giving recyclable materials to a nonprofit organization.
The following materials are required to be separated from residential solid waste and delivered to a Town or state recycling facility:
Steel/Tin cans.
Glass containers.
PET plastic soda bottles.
HDPE plastic dairy jugs.
Other materials determined by the Department of Environmental Management to be recyclable in its Municipal Recycling Regulations, Section 4.
All separated materials are to be delivered to a Town, state or state-designated recycling facility in a processable condition; i.e., at a minimum, all glass, plastic, steel/tin and aluminum containers shall be empty and rinsed, aluminum foil shall be clean, webbing shall be removed from aluminum furniture, no noncontainer glass shall be mixed with the recyclables, newspaper shall be placed in a brown paper bag or tied in bundles with a string and other requirements in DEM's Municipal Recycling Regulations, Appendix A.
All qualified persons engaged in the business of collecting and hauling refuse generated within the boundaries of the Town of Glocester shall be licensed by the Town of Glocester, pursuant to R.I.G.L. § 23-18.9-1(b)(1).
Licensed haulers shall collect only that residential solid waste that is source separated by the resident into the recyclable and nonrecyclable components.
Licensed haulers shall keep recyclable materials separate from nonrecyclable resident solid waste.
Licensed haulers shall maintain any separated recyclable materials that are delivered to either a Town or state recycling facility in processable condition.
Licensed haulers shall keep residential recyclable materials separate from recyclables collected from commercial accounts.
Licensed haulers who deliver recyclables to a Town or state recycling facility shall deliver to said facility only recyclables generated by the Town of Glocester.
Licensed haulers shall deliver all recyclables designated to go to a Town or state recycling facility, to said facility.
The separation of recyclables from solid waste shall be a condition of licensing or authorization of any public event the conduct of which generates solid waste for which the Town of Glocester accepts disposal responsibility.
No person shall solicit the commercial collection of any recyclable material as defined in this chapter within the Town of Glocester for personal gain except as specifically authorized by the Town. The Town may issue permits to charitable organizations to collect recyclable materials on the condition that a report is filed by said organization detailing the weights of each material collected in compliance with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management reporting requirements and provided that the Town determines that said collection does not conflict with the Town's recycling program.
It shall be the duty of the Police Department of the Town of Glocester to enforce the provisions of this chapter.