Village of Sauk City, WI
Sauk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Village Board of the Village of Sauk City as Ch. 7.02 of the 1970 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Zoning — See Ch. 365.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meaning indicated:
That part of a satellite-signal-receiving antenna characteristically shaped like a saucer or dish.
DISH-TYPE SATELLITE-SIGNAL-RECEIVING ANTENNA (also referred to as "earth stations" or "ground stations")
One or a combination of two or more of the following:
A signal-receiving device (antenna, dish antenna, or dish-type antenna) the purpose of which is to receive communications or other signals from satellites in earth orbit and other extraterrestrial sources.
A low-noise amplifier (LNA) which is situated at the focal point of the receiving component and the purpose of which is to magnify, store, transfer and/or transmit electronic or light signals.
A coaxial cable, the purpose of which is to carry or transmit said signals to a receiver.
A metal pole permanently positioned in the earth to serve as an electrical conductor through which electrical current may safely pass and dissipate.
A television set or radio receiver.
Any antenna other than a satellite television antenna that is located outside a main or accessory building.
No person, firm, partnership, corporation, trust or other legal entity whatsoever shall construct an earth station without a permit, nor shall construction commence before a permit is issued pursuant to this chapter.
The owner, or occupant with written permission of the owner, of any lot, premises or parcel of land within the Village of Sauk City who desires to construct an earth station on said lot, premises or land parcel must first obtain a permit to do so from the Village Building Inspector. The Building Inspector shall issue such permit provided the applicant submits a written application on forms provided and approved by the Building Inspector. The applicant shall submit with each application a permit fee as set by the Village Board which shall cover the cost of processing the application.
No earth station shall be constructed in any front or side yard in any R-1-A, R-1-B, R-2 or R-M Zoning District.
All earth stations shall comply with the side and rear lot line dimensions and setback requirements for accessory structures as specified in the zoning district where the earth station is located.
No earth station shall be linked, physically or electronically, to a receiver which is not located on the same lot, premises or parcel of land as is the earth station.
No earth station dish shall exceed 12 feet in diameter.
All earth stations must be bonded to a grounding wire.
All earth stations shall comply with the height requirements specified in the zoning district where the earth station is located.
All earth stations shall be erected and designed so as to reduce visual impact from surrounding property at street level and from public streets.
There shall be no more than one satellite earth station per residence, except additional stations may be permitted upon application for a variance in nonresidential zones.
If a usable satellite signal is receivable with the antenna which is located in the rear yard, the antenna may be located only in the rear yard.
If the antenna cannot receive a usable satellite signal in the rear yard but can receive such a signal while located in a side yard, the antenna may be located only in a side yard. For corner lots, the side yard is only a yard that does not face a street or road.
If the antenna cannot receive a usable satellite signal from either the rear or side yard, the antenna may be located only on the roof of any main or accessory building on the lot and further may not exceed two feet in height as measured while it is sitting on the ground.
All satellite earth stations shall be permanently mounted in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications for installation. All such installations shall meet a minimum wind load design velocity of 80 miles per hour.
No form of advertising or identification is allowed on the dish or framework, other than the customary manufacturer's identification labels and/or plates.
Satellite earth stations shall be filtered and/or shielded so as to prevent the emission or reflection of any electromagnetic radiation that would cause any harmful interference with the radio and/or television broadcasting or reception on adjacent properties. If in the event that harmful interference is caused subsequent to its installation, the owner of the satellite earth stations shall promptly take steps to eliminate the harmful interference in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.
The owner or occupant, with written permission from the owner, of any lot, premises or parcel of land within the Village who desires to place an earth station on a lot, premises, or land parcel on a temporary basis for the purpose of testing whether or not to install an earth station on a permanent basis may do so without obtaining a permit under this chapter; provided, however, that such temporary placement of an earth station shall be limited to a period of 10 days in any calendar year. Any earth station temporarily erected shall conform to setback and side and rear lot line requirements specified in the zoning district where the earth station is temporarily located. No sign or other advertisement shall be placed on or near the earth station unless the sign complies with applicable zoning laws.
All earth stations existing on the date of adoption of this chapter which do not conform to these regulations shall be brought into conformity within one year of the date of the adoption of this chapter.
No radio or television antenna tower shall be erected or installed within the front yard or side yard. The rear setback and the side setback and rear yard shall be that for the principal structure within the respective zoning district. The exact location of the antenna tower shall be subject to the approval of the Zoning Inspector.
No radio or television tower shall exceed the height of 20 feet above the roofline of the building on the property upon which the antenna is located or 60 feet above the ground measured at grade level, whichever is the minimum.
Radio or television antenna towers shall be erected and installed in accordance with the Wisconsin State Electrical Code, National Electrical Safety Code, and the instructions of the manufacturer. In cases of conflict, the stricter requirement shall govern.