Town of Braintree, MA
Norfolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Certification of Code
Created: 2017-12-07|Updated: 2017-12-07

Title 1: General Provisions

Chapter 1.08 General Penalty

Chapter 1.10 Adoption of Code

Title 2: Administration and Personnel

Chapter 2.100 Town Elections

Chapter 2.200 Mayor

Chapter 2.205 Administrative Organization

Chapter 2.206 General Standards of Conduct

Chapter 2.207 Chief of Staff and Operations

Chapter 2.208 Acting Mayor

Chapter 2.209 Assistant to Mayor

Chapter 2.220 Department of Public Works

Chapter 2.230 Department of Municipal Finance

Chapter 2.250 Department of Human Resources

Chapter 2.265 Board of License Commissioners

Chapter 2.290 Town Solicitor

Chapter 2.300 Town Council

Chapter 2.310 Town Auditor

Chapter 2.320 Town Clerk

Chapter 2.330 Clerk of the Council

Chapter 2.400 School Committee

Chapter 2.500 Town Accountant

Chapter 2.505 Animal Control Officer

Chapter 2.510 Animal Inspector

Chapter 2.515 Deputy Assessor

Chapter 2.520 Inspector of Buildings and Local Inspectors

Chapter 2.530 Director of Facilities and Equipment

Chapter 2.550 Fence Viewers

Chapter 2.560 Fire Chief and Fire Department

Chapter 2.570 Harbormaster

Chapter 2.575 Director of Public Health

Chapter 2.585 Inspector of Gas Piping and Gas Appliances

Chapter 2.590 Library Director

Chapter 2.595 Parking Clerk

Chapter 2.600 Plumbing Inspector

Chapter 2.610 Police Chief and Police Department

Chapter 2.615 Purchasing Agent

Chapter 2.620 Sealer of Weights and Measures

Chapter 2.630 Treasurer/Collector

Chapter 2.635 Tree Warden

Chapter 2.640 Veterans' Services Director

Chapter 2.645 Wire Inspector

Chapter 2.700 Other Multiple Member Bodies

Chapter 2.705 Zoning Board of Appeals

Chapter 2.710 Board of Assessors

Chapter 2.715 Community Preservation Committee

Chapter 2.720 Conservation Commission

Chapter 2.725 Contributory Retirement Board

Chapter 2.730 Commission on Disabilities

Chapter 2.735 Council on Elder Affairs

Chapter 2.740 Department of Public Works Advisory Board

Chapter 2.745 Fair Housing Liaison

Chapter 2.750 Board of Health

Chapter 2.755 Historical Commission

Chapter 2.760 Housing Authority

Chapter 2.765 Library Trustees

Chapter 2.770 Planning Board

Chapter 2.775 Registrars of Voters

Chapter 2.780 Recycling Coordinator

Title 3: Revenue And Finance

Chapter 3.100 Fiscal Provisions Generally

Chapter 3.110 Water/Sewer Rehabilitation Fund

Chapter 3.120 Responsible Employer

Title 5: Licenses and Permits

Chapter 5.100 Local Licenses and Permits

Chapter 5.200 Licenses and Permits of Delinquent Taxpayers

Chapter 5.400 Amusement Games

Chapter 5.450 Food Sales

Chapter 5.500 Fortune-Tellers, Palmists and Similar Practitioners

Chapter 5.550 Gasoline Stations and Automotive Repair Garages

Chapter 5.560 Junk, Secondhand and Salvage Dealers

Chapter 5.565 Peddling and Soliciting

Chapter 5.570 Precious Metal Dealers

Chapter 5.575 Printed Matter Vending Machines

Chapter 5.580 Taxicabs

Chapter 5.585 Yard Sales

Chapter 5.590 Trash Haulers

Title 6: Animals

Chapter 6.100 Dogs and Other Animals

Chapter 6.200 Migratory Waterfowl

Title 8: Health and Safety

Chapter 8.100 Burglar Alarm Systems

Chapter 8.200 Flammable Storage License Fees

Chapter 8.300 Fire Alarm and Fire Protection Systems

Chapter 8.400 Garbage Collection and Disposal

Chapter 8.500 Mandatory Recycling for Residential Properties

Chapter 8.600 Hazardous Materials

Chapter 8.700 Swimming Pools

Title 9: Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

Chapter 9.100 Offenses Against Public Peace and Decency

Chapter 9.200 Public Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 9.300 Release of Impounded Vehicles

Chapter 9.400 Property Offenses

Chapter 9.500 Weapons

Chapter 9.600 Public Consumption of Marihuana

Chapter 9.800 Sex Offender Residency Restrictions

Title 10: Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 10.04 Parking for Disabled Veterans and Handicapped Persons

Chapter 10.06 Parking Penalties

Chapter 10.08 Parking Ticket Late Fees

Title 12: Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

Chapter 12.04 Streets and Sidewalks Generally

Chapter 12.08 Excavations and Obstructions

Chapter 12.16 Waterways

Chapter 12.20 Wetlands

Title 13: Public Services

Chapter 13.04 Water and Sewer Charges

Chapter 13.05 Condominium Conversions

Chapter 13.06 Cellar Drains

Chapter 13.07 Grease Treatment

Chapter 13.08 Water Emergencies and Conservation

Chapter 13.12 Cross-Connection Control


Appendix A Legislative Acts Accepted by the Town

Appendix B Statutory References for Massachusetts Cities and Towns

Appendix C Cross-Reference Table

Appendix D Bylaw List and Disposition Table

Derivation Table

Chapter DT Derivation Table

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List

Zoning Ordinances

Chapter 135 Zoning Ordinances

Zoning Disposition List

Chapter ZDL Disposition List