City of Yonkers, NY
Westchester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Charter

Chapter C Charter

Chapter CA Charter Appendix

Part I: General Provisions

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Part II: Administration of City Government

Chapter 4 Departments, Boards and Commissions

Chapter 5 Officers and Employees

Chapter 6 Freedom of Information

Chapter 7 (Reserved)

Chapter 8 Continuity of Government

Chapter 9 Administration of Government

Chapter 10 Approval and Reimbursement Rate for Use of City Property

Chapter 11 Campaign Finance Reform Code

Part III: Finance and Taxation

Chapter 12 Budgets, Capital and Current

Chapter 13 Contracting and Purchasing

Chapter 14 Service Charges for Handling of Funds

Chapter 15 Taxes

Chapter 16 Business Improvement Districts

Part IV: Business Regulations, Licensing and Consumer Protection

Chapter 19 Enforcement Procedures

Chapter 20 Food Vendors, Hawking, Peddling, Transient Business and Home Solicitation

Chapter 21 Noncommercial Solicitation

Chapter 22 Billposting and Distribution

Chapter 23 Cabarets, Dance Halls and Sidewalk Cafes

Chapter 24 Theaters, Shows and Motion-Picture Film Storage

Chapter 25 Auctions, Auctioneers and Sales

Chapter 26 Pawnbrokers

Chapter 27 Amusements

Chapter 28 Bowling Alleys

Chapter 29 Locksmiths

Chapter 30 Laundromats and Currency-Operated Dry-Cleaning Establishments

Chapter 31 Consumer Protection Code

Chapter 32 Garages

Chapter 33 Newsracks

Chapter 34 Games of Chance

Chapter 35 Bingo

Chapter 36 Parking Lots

Part V: Land Use

Chapter 43 Zoning

Chapter 44 Land Use Boards

Chapter 45 Historic and Landmarks Preservation

Chapter 46 Realty Subdivisions

Chapter 47 Outdoor Signs

Chapter 48 Environmental Quality Review

Chapter 49 Greenway Compact Plan

Chapter 50 Green Buildings

Chapter 51 Clean Energy Financing

Part VI: Fire and Buildings

Chapter 55 Fire and Building Code

Chapter 56 Building and Electrical Code

Chapter 57 Plumbing and Drainage Code

Chapter 58 Housing and Building Maintenance Code

Chapter 59 Fire Code

Chapter 60 Steam Engineers

Chapter 61 Exterior Hoisting

Part VII: Nuisances, Public Welfare and Criminal

Chapter 65 Animals and Dogs

Chapter 66 Noise

Chapter 67 Refrigerators, Abandoned and Discarded

Chapter 68 Smoking

Chapter 69 Weeds and Vacant Property

Chapter 70 Curfew for Minors

Chapter 71 Dangerous Substances

Chapter 72 Graffiti

Chapter 73 Exposure of Females

Chapter 74 Firearms and Weapons

Chapter 75 Police

Chapter 76 Insects and Rodents

Chapter 77 Industrial Hygiene

Chapter 78 Emergency Reporting

Chapter 79 Insurance

Chapter 80 Shade Trees

Chapter 81 Imaging Privacy

Chapter 82 Bamboo

Chapter 83 Carnivals, Circuses and Fairs

Chapter 84 Video Camera Systems

Chapter 85 Forfeiture of Vehicles in Connection With Criminal Acts

Part VIII: Garbage, Landfills and Public Utilities

Chapter 91 Garbage and Refuse

Chapter 92 Recycling

Chapter 93 Littering

Chapter 94 Landfill Projects

Chapter 95 Water Supply

Chapter 96 Sewerage, Sewers and Liquid Waste

Part IX: Public Property and Streets

Chapter 100 Parks and Public Places

Chapter 101 Conveyance of City Property

Chapter 102 Franchises

Chapter 103 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 104 Street Paving

Part X: Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 109 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 110 Taxicabs

Chapter 111 Tow Trucks and Immobilization Devices

Chapter 112 School Bus and Driver Licensing

Part XI: Miscellaneous

Chapter 119 House Numbering

Chapter 120 Memorial Day Observance

Chapter 121 Reserve Fund for Cooperatives and Condominiums

Chapter 122 Wharves, Docks and Bulkheads

Chapter 123 Commissioners of Deeds

Chapter 124 Marriage Certificates

Chapter 125 Display of Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Flag

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List

Parallel Table

Chapter PT Parallel Table