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Town of Montville, CT
New London County
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Accessory buildings and structures
Alcoholic beverages
§ C204— Minority representation. § C208— Vacancies. § C304— General powers and duties. § C305— Prohibitions. § C306— Vacancies; forfeiture of office; filing of vacancies. § C308— Code of Ethics and investigations. Ch C Art IV— Officers, Boards and Commissions Appointed By and Responsible to the Town Council § C401— Town Attorney. § C403— Planning and Zoning Commission. § C404— Parks and Recreation Commission. § C405— Conservation Commission. § C406— Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission. § C407— Water and Sewer Commission. § C408— Public Safety Commission. § C410— Appointments and removals. § C411— Vacancies. § C412— Establishment of other boards and commissions not provided by this Charter. § C502— Duties. § C503— Appointments and terms. § C602— Town Clerk. § C605— Department of Public Works. § C607— Department of Social Services. § C608— Building Department. § C901— The classified service. § C902— Personnel rules. § C903— Conflict of interest. § C905— Prohibitions. § C906— Salaries and benefits. § C1002— Present employees to retain positions. § C1011— Rules and procedures; saving clause. § SA-1— Incorporation of Town of Montville. [Special Act of October, 1786] § SA-2— Incorporation of Town of Salem. [Passed: May, 1819] § SA-3— Incorporating the Raymond Library Association of Montville. [Approved: March 25, 1880] § 5-2— Composition; terms; compensation. § 14-3— Terms. § 37-1— Membership; appointment; terms; vacancies. 49-2{4}— Definitions. 49-2{5}— Definitions. § 49-5— Enforcement for elected and appointed Town officials. § 49-6— Enforcement against Town employees. § 49-7— Distribution of Code of Ethics. § 63-2— Terms of members; appointment. § 70-3— Appointment of Director; powers and duties. § 91-5— Compensation. § 101-1— Terms of office. § 101-3— Members; appointment; terms of office; removal. § 101-4— Designation and membership. § 112-5— Director; appointment; powers and duties. § 135-3— Number of members; appointment. § 146-2— Members; appointment; terms; removal. 160-2{1}— Definitions. 160-2{6}— Definitions. 160-2{7}— Definitions. 160-2{9}— Definitions. § 160-9— Alarm Appeals Board. 195-2{1}— Definitions. 195-2{6}— Definitions. § 313-1— Sewage disposal facilities to be approved by Director of Health. § 313-2— Application for sewage disposal facility; fee. § 313-3— Inspections. § 313-13— Employees. § 313-17— Water Pollution Control Authority to implement and enforce WPCA Sewer Use Rules and Regulations.