Township of Hanover, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Added 3-11-2004 by Ord. No. 3-2004]
The purpose and intent of the RM-3 Zone District is to address a need for senior citizen housing and to provide a transition in land use intensity in the location of the zone through the development of age-restricted residential townhouses and single-family dwellings in accordance with appropriate standards.
The following principal uses and structures shall be permitted in the RM-3 Zone District:
Townhouse dwellings.
Single-family detached dwelling units.
Open space and recreational uses, public or private, limited to outdoor active and passive recreation facilities such as athletic fields, walking paths and similar uses.
Any use permitted in all zone districts or in all residential zone districts by Chapter 166, Land Use and Development, of the Code of the Township of Hanover.
Permitted accessory uses shall be limited to those uses customarily incidental to the permitted principal uses in the district. Permitted accessory uses to single-family attached developments shall include, but not be limited to, clubhouses, pools, tennis courts and similar personal recreation facilities for the exclusive use of the residents and guests of the development.
Any use other than the uses permitted by §§ 166-180.10 and 166-180.11 above shall be prohibited.
In addition to any other applicable requirements of this chapter or any other applicable requirement, the following requirements shall apply to development within the RM-3 Zone District:
Townhouse dwellings. The development of townhouse dwellings shall be subject to the following requirements:
Minimum townhouse development area: 10 acres. For purposes of making this calculation, the development area shall include the area of the subject property plus any contiguous property in the RM-3 District containing an existing townhouse development.
Maximum tract density: four dwelling units per acre of the tract.
Minimum front yard, buildings: 50 feet from public street.
Minimum side and rear yards: 25 feet, but 40 feet from a single-family residential zone district.
Minimum distance between buildings. The following minimum dimensions shall separate principal buildings:
Front wall facing front wall: 80 feet at any point.
Front wall facing rear wall: 60 feet.
Front wall facing end/side wall: 50 feet.
End/side wall facing end/side wall; 25 feet.
End/side wall facing rear wall: 30 feet.
Rear wall facing rear wall: 40 feet.
In case of uncertainty as to the definition of "front," "rear" or "end/side" walls, or in case the angle of the walls facing each other makes interpretation of the required setbacks uncertain, the more restrictive of possible interpretations shall apply.
Maximum height of principal buildings. No building shall exceed 35 feet in height or 2 1/2 stories, whichever is less.
Accessory buildings. Accessory buildings and other roofed accessory structures shall comply with the minimum setback requirements applicable to principal buildings. Detached accessory buildings shall be located at least 25 feet from residential buildings located in the RM-3 District. Accessory buildings shall not exceed one story or 15 feet in height, whichever is less.
Maximum coverage by buildings and improvements. The coverage by buildings shall not exceed 20% of the tract area. The coverage by all improvements, including buildings, paved areas and other improvements other than soil, organic mulch and vegetation, shall not exceed 50% of the tract area.
Buffer requirements. All of the applicable requirements of § 166-125 shall be complied with.
Maximum dwelling units in building. The number of dwelling units in any townhouse building shall not exceed six units.
Minimum dwelling unit gross floor area: 600 square feet, plus 150 square feet for each bedroom.
Building design.
Building dimension. The horizontal dimension of buildings shall not exceed 200 feet on any facade.
Front wall horizontal projection. The front wall of all townhouse buildings shall provide horizontal projections and/or recesses designed to provide visual interest and avoid large blank walls as viewed from the street or internal roadways.
Front wall material. The front wall of all townhouse and apartment buildings shall be surfaced with at least two different materials, including but not limited to brick, wood, stucco and similar materials. Each material shall comprise at least 25% of the front wall surface area.
Roof pitch. The minimum roof pitch of all buildings shall be at least 20% (i.e., 1:5).
Windows and doors. At least 15% of the surface area of each exterior wall of all townhouse buildings shall be comprised of windows and doors, except for side/end walls. Both pedestrian and garage doors shall be included in determining compliance with the foregoing requirement. The wall surface area shall be measured from the ground to the roof eaves, exclusive of gables located above the roof eaves. Walls facing interior courts shall be exempted from this requirement.
Access and circulation. The design of access and circulation improvements serving residential development within the RM-3 District shall be in accordance with the New Jersey Residential Site Improvement Standards (N.J.A.C. 5:21-1 et seq.).
Parking. The amount and design of on-site parking shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of the New Jersey Residential Site Improvement Standards (N.J.A.C. 5:21-1 et seq.). In addition, the following provisions shall apply:
Parking areas shall not be located in the front yard between townhouse buildings and any improved public street. Individual driveways serving townhouses shall not have direct access to a public street, but may have direct access to an internal roadway.
Buildings shall be located at least 25 feet from internal roadways, driveways and access aisles, except for driveways located in front of garage doors.
Parking areas and driveways shall be set back at least 20 feet from all property lines abutting a residential zone, and at least 10 feet from all other property lines, except when more stringent requirements may apply pursuant to this chapter.
Parking areas shall be set back at least 10 feet from building walls, except parking spaces in driveways located in front of garage doors.
Parking areas shall be set back at least 10 feet from the traveled way of internal roadways, except that parking spaces adjacent to the traveled way and which use the traveled way for direct access to the space shall be exempt from this requirement.
Attractive landscape plantings shall be provided and maintained.
Existing trees shall be retained wherever possible. Removal and preservation of trees shall comply with all applicable regulations of the Township of Hanover and any other entity having jurisdiction.
Shade trees shall be evenly distributed within and/or around the perimeter of parking areas at a ratio of at least one tree for each 10 parking spaces, exclusive of spaces located within garages or within driveways providing direct access to garages.
Occupancy restrictions. All dwelling units within the RM-3 District shall be restricted to occupancy by at least one person 55 years of age or older. In addition, no children under the age of 18 years shall be permitted to reside in such dwelling units on a permanent basis. Appropriate restrictive covenants shall be imposed upon any development within the RM-3 District to ensure compliance with these age restrictions and with the "housing for older persons" exemptions of the Federal Fair Housing Act, 42 USC 3601, et seq.
Single-family detached dwellings. The development of single-family detached dwellings shall be subject to the requirements of the R-15 Zone District and to all requirements of this chapter that generally apply to single-family detached dwellings. In addition, no lot containing or designed to be developed for a single-family detached dwelling shall be located within 300 feet of any nonresidential zone district located on the same side of Horsehill Road as the RM-3 District.