Township of Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Ocean County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Committee of the Township of Little Egg Harbor; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Noise — See Ch. 242.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Any device designed, when actuated, to produce or emit a sound or transmit a signal or message for the purpose of alerting others to the existence of an emergency situation requiring immediate investigation by alarm, police, fire or other agent.
The activation of an alarm system by causes other than those to which the alarm system was designated or intended to respond.
The volunteer fire company or companies located within the Township of Little Egg Harbor.
The Township Police Chief, or a duly designated representative, who shall be responsible for the enforcement of this chapter and any administrative duties regarding the regulation and control of alarm business, agents and systems in the Township.
All businesses having an alarm system must submit the names, addresses and emergency numbers of person(s) to contact if the alarm is activated to the Township alarm administrator, and shall update and/or amend this list monthly. This list is confidential and shall be used by the Police and/or Fire Department when necessary to make contact due to official business.
The Township alarm administrator shall keep a written record of all false alarms which summon the Police Department or the Fire Department to investigate.
After five false alarms in any new calendar year, the alarm administrator shall charge the owner or lessee of such alarm an administrative inspection fee as outlined in § 128-5.
An alarm user may appeal the assessment of a fine to the alarm administrator. The filing of an appeal with the alarm administrator stays the assessment of the fine until the alarm administrator makes a final decision. The alarm user shall file a written appeal to the alarm administrator by setting forth the reasons for the appeal within 10 days after receipt of the notice of a fine. The alarm administrator shall notify the alarm user of his or her decision in writing within 20 days.
A second level of appeal is available to the Township Administrator in cases where the alarm user is not satisfied with the decision reached at a lower level. The alarm user may appeal the decision of the alarm administrator to the Township Administrator by filing a written request for a review setting forth the reasons for the appeal within 20 days after receipt of the notice from the alarm administrator. Filing of a request for appeal shall stay the fine until the Township Administrator has completed the review. If a request for appeal is not made within the twenty-day period, the prior action of the alarm administrator is final.
The Township Administrator shall consider the evidence submitted by any interested person(s). The Township Administrator shall make his/her decision on the basis of the preponderance of evidence presented. The Township Administrator must render a decision within 30 days after the request for an appeal is filed. The Township Administrator shall affirm or reverse the assessment of the fine. The decision is final as to administrative remedies of the municipality.
The following administrative inspection fee shall be applicable as a result of excessive false alarms:
Zero to four: no fee.
Fifth false alarm: $100.
Sixth false alarm: $150.
Seventh false alarm: $200.
Eighth false alarm: $250.
Ninth false alarm: $300.
Tenth false alarm: $350.
Failure to comply with any provision of this chapter shall be cause for court action against the responsible party or parties.