Village of Chittenango, NY
Madison County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Superintendent and other authorized representatives of the Village, representatives of the USEPA and NYSDEC and representatives of NYSDOH and the Madison County Health Department bearing proper credentials and identification shall be permitted to enter all nonresidential properties at reasonable times for the purpose of inspection, observation, sampling, flow measurement and testing to ascertain a user's compliance with applicable provisions of federal and state law governing use of the Village public sewer system and with the provisions of this chapter. Inspections of residential properties shall be performed in proper observance of the resident's civil rights. Such representatives shall have the right to set up on the user's property such devices as are necessary to conduct sampling or flow measurements, without damage to the user's property. Such representatives shall, additionally, have access to and may copy any records the user is required to maintain under this chapter. Where a user has security measures in force which would require proper identification and clearance before entry into the premises, the user shall make necessary arrangements so that upon presentation of suitable identification, inspecting personnel will be permitted to enter without delay for the purpose of performing their specific responsibilities.
While performing the necessary work on private properties referred to in § 115-58, the Superintendent or any duly authorized employee or agent of the Village shall observe all reasonable safety rules duly established and posted by and applicable to the premises so entered, and the Village shall indemnify the person against loss or damage to its property by Village employees or agents and against liability claims for personal injury and/or property damages asserted by third parties against the person arising out of the negligent performance of any of the duties performed by such Village employees and/or agents while on the premises of said person, except as such claims or damages may be caused by the negligence or failure of the person to maintain such safe conditions as required under this chapter and/or any other governmental code, rule, regulation, order, statute or legislative enactment.
The Superintendent and other duly authorized employees of the Village bearing proper credentials and identification shall be permitted to enter all private properties through which the Village holds a duly negotiated easement for the purposes of, but not limited to, inspection, observation, measurement, sampling, repair and maintenance of any portion of the sewage works lying within said easement. All entry and subsequent work, if any, on said easement shall be done in full accordance with the terms of the duly negotiated easement pertaining to the private property involved.