Township of Stafford, NJ
Ocean County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Council of the Township of Stafford 6-13-2000 by Ord. No. 2000-37. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Fire prevention — See Ch. 111.
Township of Stafford hereby establishes fireworks displays guidelines to ensure the safety of the public as well as the operators and emergency personnel for all public displays of fireworks. Said guidelines shall be enforced at all fireworks shows where a permit has been issued by the Township. A fireworks display permit application must be submitted to the Fire Prevention Subcode Official no less than three weeks prior to the fireworks display date. The application must comply with the requirements set forth in N.J.S.A. 21:3-3, 21:3-4 and 21:3-5. All permits must be approved by the governing body after review by the Fire Prevention Subcode Official. All issued permits and their corresponding applications shall be submitted by the Township to the Office of Safety Compliance in the Department of Labor in accordance with N.J.S.A. 21:3-6.
[Added 5-4-2010 by Ord. No. 2010-17]
A completed permit application and all necessary documents for the display or discharge of fireworks shall be filed with the Township of Stafford Bureau of Fire Prevention at least 15 days prior to the fireworks display, in accordance with N.J.A.C. 5:70-3.2(a)33, 3301.2.4.4.
Application checklist.
All applications for the display or discharge of fireworks must include the following:
Fully completed permit application.
Copy of resolution from municipality in which display is to take place, along with resolution from any other municipality affected by the display.
Copy of proof of insurance naming as additional insureds Stafford Township, the Stafford Township Fire Department, the Stafford Township Police Department, the Bureau of Fire Prevention and the Stafford Township First Aid, with liability limits of not less than $1,000,000.
A hold harmless agreement to fully indemnify the Township from any and all liability.
The names of the individuals who will be in charge of igniting, firing, setting off, exploding, or causing to be exploded, the fireworks, along with a copy of such individual(s) driver's licenses, pyrotechnic licenses and certificates.
A fitness certificate for the driver of the fireworks.
A copy of FAA approval.
A copy of approval from the United States Coast Guard and the New Jersey State Police (if required, for fireworks on or near waterways).
A list of all fireworks in the show, including all size shells, not to exceed six inches.
A site plan.
A safety plan.
If the show is on a waterway, the location of loading the barge, the location and method of securing of the barge during loading and display of fireworks, the route of transportation and approvals if required.
If the show is on a waterway, a rescue boat and suppression boat must be provided.
A diagram of the display area, discharge area and fallout radius.
A description of the location where the materials are to be stored prior to the display/loading date.
Notification of residences in surrounding areas as required by the Fire Official.
The meeting date for all required agencies to meet and discuss event and safety procedure, which shall take place at least 15 days prior to the display date.
A standby fee in the amount of $2,500, payable to the Stafford Township Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1.
A permit fee in the amount of $1,500, payable to the Stafford Township Bureau of Fire Prevention.
All of the above items must be provided at the time the application is submitted for approval. If any of the items are not included or not complete, the application may be rejected.
Fifteen days prior to the fireworks display, the Fire Prevention Subcode Office, the Fire Departments, Police Department and the Emergency Medical Service Department shall meet to review the safety requirements and to familiarize each department with its role during the fireworks display.
Prior to the fireworks display, when necessary, the Fire Prevention Subcode Official shall meet with the Coast Guard and/or the New Jersey State Police Marine Bureau to discuss communications and the safety requirements for the fireworks display.
No shells larger than six inches shall be discharged.
[Amended 5-4-2010 by Ord. No. 2010-17]
No reloads shall be permitted.
All unused or extra shells shall be loaded into the delivery vehicle and taken out of the discharge area prior to the beginning of the show. Said delivery vehicle must be placarded. Said delivery vehicle must be attended to at all times by a representative from the fireworks company.
All vehicles, including those used by the show operators shall be parked at the same safe distance from the discharge area as all other vehicles. The Fire Prevention Subcode Office shall institute an ID system for anyone permitted within the display area. The Fire Prevention Office shall maintain a log of all individuals entering or exiting the display area.
All emergency service departments, including but not limited to the Fire Prevention Subcode Office, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Police Department and Emergency Medical Service Departments, shall be present during the entire fireworks display.
The Fire Department, Police Department or Emergency Medical Service Personnel shall be permitted within the display area during the show unless directed by the show operator. If the show operator determined that an emergency exists and that emergency personnel are needed in the display area during the fireworks display, said fireworks display shall be halted until such time as the situation has been resolved.
The fireworks display must be in full compliance with NFPA 1123 (2000 edition) and NFPA 1126 (2001 edition).
[Amended 5-4-2010 by Ord. No. 2010-17]