Township of Stafford, NJ
Ocean County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Township Council of the Township of Stafford 1-20-2004 by Ord. No. 2004-06. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Certificates of occupancy — See Ch. 81.
Flood hazard areas — See Ch. 114.
Land use and development — See Ch. 130.
Soil disturbance — See Ch. 178.
Zoning — See Ch. 211.
Swimming pools — See Ch. 235.
As used in this chapter, unless a different meaning clearly appears in the context, words and phrases shall have the meaning respectively described to them in the International Residential Code, New Jersey Edition 2000, and the International Building Code, New Jersey Edition 2000.
Any in-ground structure constructed for swimming or recreational bathing that contains or is intended to contain water. Aboveground swimming pools, on-ground swimming pools, hot tubs, spas and structures less than 24 inches in depth or having a surface area of less than 250 square feet shall not be considered an in-ground swimming pool for purposes of this section.
In accordance with § 118-4 below, a permit for grading and drainage shall be required prior to construction of the following:
A single-family dwelling that has not been part of a subdivision review by the Township Planning Board or Board of Adjustment.
Any in-ground swimming pool.
Any structure or improvements which the Township Engineer, Construction Official or Zoning Officer have determined may cause an adverse impact to any adjoining property.
Prior to the issuance of a grading and drainage permit, the applicant shall pay to the Township Treasurer the sum of $25 for the permit.
[Amended 5-18-2004 by Ord. No. 2004-42]
Additional review and inspection fees shall be assessed in accordance with the following schedule:
Initial grading plan review fee: $200.
Review of revised grading plan: $100.
As-built review (submit with final as-built plan): $250.
Review of revised as-built plan: $100.
Reinspection of site/report preparation: $150.
Prior to the issuance of a zoning permit for the construction of a single-family dwelling, except those having had prior topography approval by the Township Planning Board or Board of Adjustment as part of a valid site plan or subdivision application; a pool permit from the Building Official for a swimming pool pursuant to § 211-35G of the Township Code; or any other required permits for construction delineated under § 118-2C herein; the applicant for the permit shall submit to the Zoning Officer the required fee as set forth in § 118-3 and three copies of a grading plan accompanied by a certification from a New Jersey licensed professional engineer that the plan has been prepared by said engineer and includes all of the items as delineated herein. Said certification shall further set forth that the proposed grading and floor elevation will not impact detrimentally upon any adjoining owner; and further that the plan provides for proper on-site runoff that is adequate to prevent ponding, severe erosion and positive drainage away from the proposed building construction in accordance with § 130-72 of the Township Code.
The grading plan map prepared based on survey measurements, drawn to a scale of not more than one inch equals 10 feet or less than one inch equals 50 feet, shall include the following, as applicable to the proposed construction:
Property lines and dimensions based upon a current (within last two years) outbound survey prepared by a New Jersey licensed land surveyor.
Building dimensions and proposed setback dimensions.
Existing structures on the property and within 50 feet of property.
Existing and proposed contour lines at one-foot intervals with reference datum to NGVD 1929 for the property upon which the dwelling is to be constructed. Proposed grades shall include sufficient spot elevations at the building corners, driveway and yard areas and extend 20 feet in all directions from the property to clearly show impact of grading.
Finished floor grades of house and garage, description of house style (ranch, bi-level, two-story) and applicable critical grade.
A description of the building to be constructed (basement, crawl space or slab construction).
Where applicable, sufficient information to show impact, if any, on adjoining properties.
Total area of the tract and the total area upland or buildable area.
The percentage of lot coverage by structures.
The existing/proposed sidewalk/curb and fence locations, including the type of material to be used for construction.
The existing/proposed driveway locations, including the type of material to be used.
The location and identification of flood zones, conservation easements and wetland areas.
Location of all existing utilities and proposed connections thereto and any utility relocations.
The proposed method of providing water and sewer services shall be clearly indicated.
In the case of connecting to a public source for these services, the sewer lateral and water sewer line locations shall be shown. Utility connection permits from the appropriate utility companies shall be provided, if required.
In the case where a septic system and/or well is proposed, the plot plan shall include the following information:
Description and location of all components of the disposal system and/or well.
Distances from structures.
Distances from property lines.
Separation distances from each other and other septic disposal systems and/or wells within one-hundred-foot radius of the lot in question.
Grade elevations and inverts required by the component installation.
Results of soil borings and permeability test, including depth to the actual or estimated seasonal high water table and groundwater observation.
All systems shall comply with N.J.A.C. 7:9A, Standards for Individual Subsurface Sewerage Disposal Systems.
Stormwater flow direction arrows must be provided for both on-site and off-site conditions.
Location of all existing sewer and water utilities and proposed connections thereto and any required utility relocations.
The width of street rights-of-way, the width of street pavements and the material composition of the street surface.
A North arrow shall be shown with datum referenced.
When basements are proposed, the results of soil test borings taken to a depth of 20 feet, reflecting the nature of the subsoil conditions, the height of the surface water table on a basis of seasonal average and the height of the surface water table at the maximum wet season.
Septic system approval from the Ocean County Health Department, if applicable.
United States Army Corps of Engineers, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection or Pinelands Commission approved wetlands and wetlands buffer delineations by metes and bounds, if applicable. Calculated wetland and wetland buffer areas shall be noted.
The land shall be graded so that the stormwater from each lot shall drain directly to the street. If it is not possible to drain directly to the street, it shall be drained to a system of interior yard drainage designed in accordance with § 130-72 of the Township Code.
Alternate elevations are permitted subject to the approval of the Township Engineer, subject to a showing that required drainage to the point of discharge and away from the structure is provided at all locations on the site.
The minimum slope for drainage swales shall be 1 1/2%.
Schedule showing zoning of property, zoning requirements and plan provisions in relation to each zoning requirement.
Submission of a development permit application in accordance with Chapter 114 of the Township Code for any development within special flood hazard areas.
Proposed or existing retaining walls.
The Township Engineer shall review and provide either an approval or rejection of the grading plan in writing to the applicant a maximum 10 business days after receipt of the grading plan by the Community Development Office.
For new home construction, two copies of a recent survey showing all proposed structures, along with all setbacks and height measurement shall be submitted to the Zoning Officer. If located in a special flood hazard area, the proposed first floor elevation or lowest structural member elevation, as required by Chapter 114, Flood Hazard Areas, of the Township Code, must be provided. Additional grading and drainage information shall be in accordance with the criteria found in § 118-4 herein.
Prior to a foundation inspection being performed by the Building Inspection Department, an as built foundation location shall be submitted for review by the Township Engineer and Zoning Officer in accordance with the criteria found in § 118-6 herein.
For final zoning approval, prior to a certificate of occupancy being issued by the Building Inspection Department, an as-built grading plan certifying compliance with the approved grading permit and § 118-7 herein shall be submitted to the Zoning Officer.
Prior to framing or placing the modular units or prefab units on the foundation as constructed, a New Jersey professional land surveyor shall submit to the Zoning Officer three copies of a plan showing the setbacks and elevations as to said as-built foundation and specifically showing the top of block elevation and any other critical floor elevation.
The foundation as-built plan shall be accompanied by a certificate from the preparer that same conforms with the above-listed items.
Prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, the Zoning Officer shall require three copies of an as-built plan be submitted, signed and sealed by a New Jersey professional land surveyor for a final zoning permit review. The plans utilized for a request for a final zoning permit review shall be accompanied by a copy of the initial review plans. The Township Engineer will, in addition to said review, cause an on-site inspection and submit a written report to the Zoning Officer and Constriction Code Official as to the status of all improvements required and as-built conditions that conform satisfactorily to the approved plans and that a certificate of occupancy may be issued. In the event that the final as-built plan does not conform to the requirements herein set forth, a report shall be prepared by the Township Engineer indicating conditions which must be satisfied prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. The as-built plans shall include the following:
Property lines and dimensions.
Existing elevations of the lot and adjacent roadway, building corner grades, lot corner grades, drainage swale grades, as well as contours and critical spot elevations to clearly define surface flow.
Finish floor grades of house and garage and description of house style (ranch, bi-level, two story) and applicable critical grade.
All distances from structures in relation to property lines and height of structures.
Describe building constructed: basement, crawl space or slab construction.
Where applicable, sufficient information to show impact, if any, on adjoining properties.
All completed improvements, including but not limited to walks, drives, curbs and landscaping, shall be shown.
Compliance with Chapter 114 of the Township Code for all development within special flood hazard areas.
Submission of a certified FEMA elevation certificate in special flood hazard areas.
The final as-built plan shall be accompanied by a certificate from the preparer that same conforms with the above-listed items and is substantially in conformance with the plan previously submitted for initial review for a building permit. One copy of each of the previously submitted plans shall be attached. If alterations have been made, same shall be explained by notes or attachments, with an explanation of how the changes are different from the approval and that there are no significant impacts to adjoining properties.
If, in the opinion of the Township Engineer, inclement weather prohibits the completion of the improvements required on the approved grading plan and under § 130-72 of the Township Code, a temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO) may be issued by the Construction Official. The issuance of the TCO shall be conditioned upon the following items:
The estimated construction costs to complete the improvements are placed in the applicant's attorney escrow account by the builder. The estimated costs for the incomplete improvements shall be determined by the Township Engineer.
Written proof of the escrow amount must be given to the Township Community Development Officer by the applicant's attorney.
Proof of receipt of a conditional or permanent report of compliance from the Ocean County Soil Conservation District, where applicable, shall be submitted to the Construction Official.
All escrowed improvements shall be completed and ready for final inspection no later than May 1 next occurring, unless an extension is granted by the Township Construction Official and/or Township Engineer.
Lot reinspection fees, in accordance with this section, shall be paid by the builder prior to the conversion of the TCO to a final certificate of occupancy.