Town of Denton, MD
Caroline County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Commissioners of the Town of Denton, 8-22-1979, as revised and reprinted by resolution.[1] Amendments noted where applicable.]
Editor's Note: Resolution No. 371, adopted 2-6-1989, ratified the numbering system and nonsubstantive changes in grammar, spelling and punctuation made in the Charter when codified in 1989. See Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. IV. Resolution No. 1, adopted 11-6-1994, was enacted to correct procedural deficiencies in the ratification of the Charter in 1989. It repealed the 1979 Charter and provided for its reenactment as set forth in Resolution 1.
Article I Corporate Powers

§ C1-1 Incorporation; corporate powers.

Article II Corporate Limits; Annexations

§ C2-1 Filing of corporate limits; records available for inspection.

§ C2-2 Town boundaries.

§ C2-3 (Reserved)

Article III The Members of Council

§ C3-1 Number; selection; terms.

§ C3-2 Qualifications.

§ C3-3 Salary.

§ C3-4 Meetings.

§ C3-5 Town Council to be judge of qualifications of its members.

§ C3-6 Mayor, Vice Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem.

§ C3-7 Quorum.

§ C3-8 Determination of rules and order of business; minutes.

§ C3-9 Vacancies.

§ C3-10 Filling of vacancies.

§ C3-11 Forfeiture of office.

§ C3-12 Ordinances.

§ C3-13 Emergency ordinances.

§ C3-14 Advisory boards and commissions.

Article IV Powers of the Town Council.

§ C4-1 General powers; enumeration.

§ C4-2 Exercise of powers.

§ C4-3 Enforcement of ordinances.

Article V Registration, Nomination and Elections

§ C5-1 Regular elections.

§ C5-2 Qualifications of voters.

§ C5-3 Board of Supervisors of Elections.

§ C5-4 Removal of members of Board of Supervisors of Elections.

§ C5-5 Duties of Board members.

§ C5-6 Notice of registration days and elections.

§ C5-7 Appeal from action of Board of Supervisors of Elections.

§ C5-8 Nominations.

§ C5-9 Elections of Councilpersons.

§ C5-10 Conduct of elections.

§ C5-11 Absentee ballot.

§ C5-12 Mailing of absentee ballots.

§ C5-13 Write-in votes.

§ C5-14 Special elections.

§ C5-15 Vote count.

§ C5-16 Preservation of ballots and records.

§ C5-17 Regulation and control.

§ C5-18 Women and election process; word usage.

§ C5-19 Violations and penalties.

Article VI Finance

§ C6-1 Fiscal year.

§ C6-2 Submission of budget.

§ C6-3 Budget message.

§ C6-4 Budget form and scope.

§ C6-5 Council action on budget.

§ C6-6 Appropriation Ordinance.

§ C6-7 Amendments after adoption.

§ C6-8 Overexpenditures.

§ C6-9 Appropriations lapse.

§ C6-10 Checks.

§ C6-11 Taxable property.

§ C6-12 Notice of levy.

§ C6-13 Taxes: levy and limitations.

§ C6-14 Assessments of annexed property.

§ C6-15 Overdue taxes.

§ C6-16 Sale of tax-delinquent property.

§ C6-17 Fees.

§ C6-18 Audits.

§ C6-19 Tax anticipation borrowing.

§ C6-20 Payment of indebtedness.

§ C6-21 Borrowing authority.

§ C6-22 Previous indebtedness.

§ C6-23 Purchasing and contracts.

Article VII Administration

§ C7-1 Town Administrator.

§ C7-2 Clerk-Treasurer.

§ C7-3 Town Attorney.

§ C7-4 Development of administrative policy.

§ C7-5 Authority to employ personnel.

§ C7-6 Retirement system.

§ C7-7 Compensation of employees.

§ C7-8 Employee benefit programs.

§ C7-9 Unlawful activities.

Article VIII Public Ways and Sidewalks

§ C8-1 Definitions.

§ C8-2 Control of public ways.

§ C8-3 Public ways: Town powers.

§ C8-4 Sidewalks: Town powers.

Article IX Water and Sewers

§ C9-1 Town powers.

§ C9-2 Placing structures in public ways.

§ C9-3 Obstructions.

§ C9-4 Entering on county public ways.

§ C9-5 Connections.

§ C9-6 Charge for connections.

§ C9-7 Improper uses.

§ C9-8 Private systems.

§ C9-9 Extensions beyond boundaries.

§ C9-10 Right of entry.

§ C9-11 Pollution of water supply.

§ C9-12 Contracts for water.

§ C9-13 Charges.

Article X Special Assessments

§ C10-1 Powers; special assessments.

§ C10-2 Procedures for special assessments.

Article XI Town Property

§ C11-1 Acquisition, possession and disposal.

§ C11-2 Condemnation.

§ C11-3 Town buildings.

§ C11-4 Protection of Town property.

Article XII General Provisions

§ C12-1 Oath of office.

§ C12-2 Surety bonds.

§ C12-3 Prior rights and obligations.

§ C12-4 Effect on other laws.

§ C12-5 Severability.

§ C12-6 Violations and penalties.

Article XIII Redevelopment; Urban Renewal

§ C13-1 Definitions.

§ C13-2 Powers.

§ C13-3 Additional powers.

§ C13-4 Establishment of Urban Renewal Agency.

§ C13-5 Powers withheld from Agency.

§ C13-6 Initiation of project.

§ C13-7 Preparation and approval of plan for urban renewal projects.

§ C13-8 Disposal of property in urban renewal areas.

§ C13-9 Eminent domain.

§ C13-10 Encouragement of private enterprise.

§ C13-11 General obligation bonds.

§ C13-12 Revenue bonds.

Article XIV Transitional Provisions

§ C14-1 Officers and employees.

§ C14-2 Continuance of office or employment.

§ C14-3 Personnel system.

§ C14-4 Current Commissioners.