City of North Tonawanda, NY
Niagara County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by Common Council of City of North Tonawanda 8-28-1984 as L.L. No. 3 — 1984. Amendments noted where applicable.]

§ 80A-1 Powers of Common Council.

The Common Council of the City of North Tonawanda shall have the power:
To establish any special district along and upon any of the streets or highways of the City of North Tonawanda, New York for a proper municipal purpose which is hereby declared to be the purpose of carrying on, performing or financing one or more improvements or services to benefit the health, welfare, safety or convenience of the inhabitants of such district or to benefit the real property within such district, and in which real property is subject to special ad valorem levies or special asessments for the purposes for which such district was established.
To define and alter the borders of such special district.
To order the construction and/or improvement of any improvements required in such special district.

§ 80A-2 Initiation or creation of special districts.

On its own initiative, or upon petition signed by the record owners of land fronting on any street or highway or within the boundaries of said proposed special district, the linear front feet of whose land shall constitute at least 2/3 of the number of feet fronting on streets or highways in said special district, such petition requesting the establishment of a special district, the Common Council may, within a reasonable time thereafter, declare its intention to establish such special district and shall direct the City Clerk to publish in the official newspaper of said city once each week for two successive weeks an advertisement declaring the intention of the Common Council to establish such special district and to construct or cause to be constructed thereon specified improvements, together with the location and boundaries of the proposed special district as may be set forth in the petition filed, or prescribed upon the initiative of the Common Council as designated by the Common Council in its own motion. The publication must be completed at least two days prior to the date on which action concerning said special district will be considered. Copies of said notice of intention shall be mailed to the last known address of each property owner of record whose land may be affected by inclusion of this special district, as such address is reflected on the most recent records of the City Treasurer's office. However, failure to so notify any property owner by said individual mailing shall not invalidate the provisions of this local law, nor render the creation of said special district or its boundaries invalid.

§ 80A-3 Action by Common Council.

The Common Council, at its first meeting subsequent to the giving of such notice, as prescribed and set forth in the preceding section, may by ordinance, establish said special district as requested in said petition or as indicated in the Common Council's own motion.
The Common Council may cause to be constructed the necessary facilities for improvement of the proposed special district as they consider necessary and proper. The Common Council may contract with any individual firm or corporation for any such improvements with regard to the same.

§ 80A-4 Charges to be lien.

In the ordinance creating any such special district, provisions shall be made for a basis upon which the various charges for construction or improvement and for annual service charges and debt service shall be made. These charges shall be a lien against the real property located within such special district. The apportionment of the lien shall be made by the City Assessor. The collection of the charges for the various items of such lien shall be made in the same manner, and collected in the same manner, and at the same time as the general city taxes are levied and collected. Enforcement and collection of the charges and any deficiencies or arrears in the payment of such charges shall be made in the same manner as the collection of arrears in general city taxes are made.