Town of Orange, CT
New Haven County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Incorporation and General Powers

Section 1.1 Incorporation:

Section 1.2 Rights and Obligations:

Section 1.3 General Grant of Powers:

Article II The Town Meeting

Section 2.1 The Town Meeting:

Section 2.2 Notice of Town Meetings:

Section 2.3 Quorum:

Section 2.4 Moderator:

Section 2.5 Conduct of the Town Meeting:

Section 2.6 When Action by Town Meetings Required:

Article III Board of Selectmen

Section 3.1 Board of Selectmen:

Section 3.2 General Powers and Duties:

Section 3.3  

Section 3.4 Public Hearing on and Publication of Ordinances:

Section 3.5 Petition of Overrule of Action of Selectmen:

Section 3.6 Petition for Enactment of Ordinances:

Section 3.7 Emergency Ordinances:

Section 3.8 Review of Appointments:

Section 3.9  

Section 3.10 Secretary-Clerk to the Board:

Section 3.11 Annual Audit:

Article IV The First Selectman

Section 4.1 First Selectman:

Section 4.2 General Powers and Duties:

Section 4.3 Succession to Office:

Section 4.4 Appointments:

Article V Elected Boards and Commissions

Section 5.1 Town Plan and Zoning Commission:

Section 5.2  

Section 5.3  

Section 5.4  

Section 5.10 Board of Education:

Section 5.11  

Section 5.12  

Section 5.20 Board of Education, Regional District 5:

Section 5.30 Board of Finance:

Section 5.31  

Section 5.40 Other Elected Boards:

Section 5.50 Use of Committees by Boards or Commissions:

Article VI Appointed Boards and Commissions

Section 6.1 Board of Zoning Appeals:

Section 6.1.1  

Section 6.2  

Section 6.20 Board of Police Commissioners:

Section 6.21  

Section 6.30 Safety Commission:

Section 6.31  

Section 6.32  

Section 6.40 Economic Development Commission:

Section 6.41  

Section 6.50 Park and Recreation Commission.

Section 6.51  

Section 6.60 Conservation Commission:

Section 6.61  

Section 6.70 Sewer Commission:

Section 6.71  

Section 6.80 Board of Ethics:

Section 6.81  

Section 6.82  

Section 6.90 Other Appointed Boards:

Article VII Coordination of Activities of Town Agencies

Section 7.1  

Section 7.2  

Article VIII Elected Officers

Section 8.1  

Section 8.2  

Section 8.3  

Section 8.4  

Section 8.5  

Section 8.6  

Section 8.7  

Section 8.8 Compensation:

Section 8.9 Duties.

Article IX Appointed Officers

Section 9.1  

Section 9.2  

Section 9.3  

Section 9.4  

Section 9.5 Appointment:

Section 9.6 Term of Office:

Section 9.10 Director - Department of Health:

Section 9.20 Director - Department of Public Works:

Section 9.30 Town Counsel:

Section 9.40 Town Meeting Moderator and Deputy Town Meeting Moderators:

Section 9.50 Town Assessor:

Section 9.60 Town Treasurer:

Section 9.70 Town Building Inspector:

Section 9.80 Fire Marshal:

Article X Definitions and General

Section 10.1 Definitions:

Section 10.2 Conduct of Meetings:

Section 10.3 Minority Representation:

Section 10.4 Computation of Time:

Section 10.5 Terms of Office:

Section 10.6 Oaths of Office:

Section 10.7 Amendment:

Section 10.8 Rules of Construction and Saving Clause:

Article XI Effective Date of Charter and Transition

Section 11.1(a) Effective Date:

Section 11.1(b) Effective Date of Charter Revision:

Section 11.2 Special Acts:

Section 11.3