Borough of West Chester, PA
Chester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Council shall appoint the Manager and fix his or her compensation by a majority vote of the total members of Council. The Manager shall be appointed with regard to merit only, and solely on the basis of his or her executive and administrative qualifications. He or she need not, at the time of appointment, be a resident of the Borough, but he or she may not reside outside the Borough while in office, without the approval of Council.
The executive duties of the government of the Borough shall be administered by the Manager. The Manager, in addition to any other powers and duties provided in this Charter shall:
Supervise, either directly or through subordinate employees, the administration of all departments or other administrative units, except as otherwise provided by this Charter.
Execute and enforce all resolutions, ordinances and orders of the Council.
Appoint the heads of departments pursuant to this Charter and the Administrative Code.
Appoint, suspend and remove municipal employees, except as otherwise provided by this Charter.
Attend meetings of the Council and its committees, and may participate in their deliberations, except that he or she shall have no right to vote on or veto any matter before Council.
Prepare and submit to the Council the annual budget and the capital improvement program of the Borough.
In conjunction with the Mayor, assure that the General Laws relating to the affairs and government of the Borough are duly executed and enforced within the Borough.
Present to the Council from time to time such information concerning the business and affairs of the Borough as he or she may deem necessary, or as the Council by resolution may request, and recommend such measures for legislative action as may be in the best interest of the Borough.
Negotiate and supervise intergovernmental cooperation agreements, pursuant to General Law and subject to final approval of the Borough Council.
Cause to be signed all deeds, contracts and other instruments, subject to their approval by Council if so provided in this Charter.
Have all necessary incidental powers to perform and exercise any of the duties and functions as set forth in this Charter or lawfully delegated to him or her.
Perform such other duties as required by Council.
The Manager shall devote full time to the office. He or she shall hold no other appointed or elected public office, nor hold any other municipal or municipal employment in which he or she receives a salary or other form of compensation.
In the event of the Manager's absence, he or she shall designate a Borough employee to serve as Acting Manager. In the event of the Manager's incapacity, or of a vacancy in the office, Council shall designate an employee of the City to serve as Acting Manager. The Acting Manager shall have the powers and duties of the Manager.
The Council may at any time, by resolution, request the resignation of the Manager, and thereafter may at any time remove the Manager in accordance with the procedures which follow.
The Council shall adopt, by majority vote of its total membership in a regular or special meeting, a preliminary resolution which states the specific facts upon which the removal is based. The Council may thereafter suspend the Manager from duty for a period not to exceed forty-five (45) days. A copy of this resolution shall be delivered promptly to the Manager.
Within ten (10) days after a copy of the preliminary resolution is delivered, the Manager may file with the Council a written request for an opportunity to respond and comment on the resolution at a special meeting of the Council, which shall be held not earlier than twenty-one (21) days nor later than thirty (30) days after the filing of such a request by the Manager. Public notice of the date and time of such meeting shall be given in accordance with the provisions of Section 214(C). The Manager may file a written statement of position with respect to the preliminary resolution not later than seven (7) days before the special meeting.
At the special meeting, if one is requested, the Manager may make an oral statement in addition to the written statement of position. After full consideration, the Council may, by majority vote of its total membership, adopt a final resolution of removal, specifying the effective date of such removal. If such meeting is not requested and the Manager has not submitted a resignation, the Council may adopt a final resolution of removal by a majority vote of its total membership at any regular or special meeting which takes place fourteen (14) days or more following the date of delivery of the preliminary resolution by the Manager. This final resolution shall specify the effective date of removal.
The Manager shall continue to receive a salary until the effective date of removal. The Council shall provide such severance pay as it deems appropriate. The decision of the Council shall be final.