City of DuBois, PA
Clearfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of DuBois 12-24-1924 by Ord. No. 443 (Ch. 1, Part 4, of the 1995 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
There shall be constituted and appointed a Civil Service Board, consisting of three citizens, to be elected by the City Council, who shall serve for four years and until their successors are elected and qualified. One of said citizens shall be an educator and, if possible, the Superintendent of Schools of the City of DuBois, one the City Physician, and one a citizen of the City of DuBois, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. At the first election the Council shall elect one of said persons to serve for two years, one to serve for three years, and one to serve for four years, and upon the expiration of the term of any member of said Board, one person shall be elected by the Council to serve upon said Board for the term of four years. If any vacancies occur, they shall be filled by the City Council for the unexpired term. Each of said members before entering upon the duties of his office shall take and subscribe to the oath of office prescribed by the Constitution of Pennsylvania and file the same, duly certified by the officer administering it, with the Controller of the City. No salary or otherwise compensation shall be paid to any member of the said Board; two members of the Board shall constitute a quorum necessary for the transaction of business; and said Board shall organize under this chapter for the purpose of transacting business, immediately after the passing of this chapter and the election of the members thereof.
All persons desiring to make application for the police force of the City of DuBois shall first be citizens of the United States and of the State of Pennsylvania and shall submit themselves to said Board for examination, which, as in the judgment of said Board, shall examine said applicants or candidates in the manner it deems advisable to secure the best service for the public in said Department of the Police; and shall establish such examination, rules and regulations as shall provide for ascertaining and determining, so far as possible, the physical qualifications, habits, reputation, standing, experience and education of all applicants for such position, and said Board shall provide for such examinations upon any and all subjects deemed proper or necessary by said Board, for the purpose of determining the qualifications of the applicants for the position sought and applied for.
Said Board shall make and keep in numerical order a list containing the names of all applicants for positions in said Police Department who may pass the required mental and physical examinations. Where more than one person takes examinations for any of said positions at the same time, those successfully passing such examination shall be entered upon the list of eligible names in the order of their respective percentage, the highest coming first; the Board shall furnish the Council a certified copy of any and all lists so prepared and kept. Whenever any vacancy shall occur or any appointment be required in said Police Department, the City Council shall make written application to the President of said Board, who shall forthwith certify to the City Council, in writing, the first three names on the list of applicants for positions in the Police Department; and thereupon the Superintendent of the Department of Public Affairs shall nominate to the City Council one of the three persons whose names are submitted to fill such position, and if the City Council approves such nomination, the person nominated shall be appointed to fill such vacancy and shall be assigned for service in the Police Department. If the Council does not approve such nomination, then the Superintendent of the Department of Public Affairs shall submit another nomination for such position from the remaining two names; and if such nomination is not approved by the Council, he shall submit the third name; and the person of the three submitted, whose nomination by the Superintendent is approved by the City Council, shall be appointed to fill such a position in the Police Department. The name of the person so appointed shall be immediately stricken from the list of said Board, and the names of the two rejected persons shall immediately be restored to their former place in said list.
Provisions of this chapter shall apply to all employees of the said Police Department; and all appointments made under the provisions of this chapter shall be for and during good behavior; and no employee shall be removed or transferred for any political reasons whatever. Provided, further, however, that among those persons possessing equal qualifications and eligibility for appointment preference in appointment shall be given to the honorably discharged soldiers and sailors who served in the Army or Navy of the United States during the time of war.
All employees of said Police Department shall be subject to suspension by the Superintendent of the Department of Public Affairs for misconduct, or violation of any law of this commonwealth, any ordinance of the City, or regulation of the said Police Department, pending action by the City Council upon the charges made against any such employee; and on hearing before the City Council, where they may be represented by counsel, they may be fined or suspended for a period not to exceed 30 days, with or without pay, or they may be discharged by City Council, if found guilty of the charges made against them. Provided, however, that the said Superintendent of the Department of Public Affairs may, for misconduct or violation as aforesaid, suspend any employee of said Department of Police for a period not to exceed 10 days, with or without pay, without preferring charges and without a hearing of Council.
The Civil Service Board may appoint a secretary and prescribe his duties. He shall be subject to removal at any time by the Board, and the Board shall have power to change his duties. The compensation to be paid said secretary provided for by this chapter, and all necessary stationery and supplies for said Board, shall be such as Council shall by ordinance direct.
[Added 11-22-1971 by Ord. No. 1149; amended 2-27-1989 by Ord. No. 1465]
All applicants for a position in the Bureau of Police of the City of DuBois shall be citizens of the commonwealth and the United States of America, and shall not be less than 21 years of age and not more than 32 years of age. If said applicant is accepted as a member of the City police force, he or she must become a permanent resident of the City of DuBois within three months after his or her probation period has ended.
All applicants for a position in the Bureau of Police of the City of DuBois shall have attained certification under Act 120-1974, the Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Law, 53 P.S. § 740 et seq., prior to making application for said position.[1]
Editor's Note: The Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Law, Act of 1974, P.L. 359, No. 120, 53 P.S. § 740 et seq., was repealed by Act 177, 12-19-1996. See now 53 Pa.C.S.A. §§ 2161 to 2164.