City of DuBois, PA
Clearfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of DuBois as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[Adopted 2-3-1941 by Ord. No. 667 (Ch. 1, Part 7, of the 1995 Code)]
The corporation designated "DuBois Volunteer Fire Department" be and is hereby declared to be the fire department of the City of DuBois and to have charge and supervision of the training of firemen and the handling of all fires within the City of DuBois, or vicinity thereof, as provided by the constitution and bylaws of the said corporation, and that no other agency, persons or corporations shall have any powers, rights, or duties in respect to the combating of fires.
All buildings designated by the City of DuBois for use as fire stations or quarters for fire companies in the housing of fire equipment, together with all apparatus, equipment and appliances owned by the City for use in extinguishing of fires or prevention of fires, shall be, on or after the passage of this article, in the custody of the DuBois Volunteer Fire Department, which shall assign the same to and among the fire companies as it shall see fit. The DuBois Volunteer Fire Department shall be responsible for and report to the Council of the City of DuBois, from time to time, as to the condition and the repair of the said apparatus, equipment and appliances, and shall see to it that the Council of the City of DuBois, or the Director of the Department of Public Safety, shall be fully informed as to the condition of such apparatus, equipment and appliances, the necessity for additional and other equipment, appliances or apparatus, so that at all times the City of DuBois shall be as adequately supplied with such necessary firefighting apparatus and equipment as possible.
No person or persons shall use, operate or handle any of the apparatus or equipment or appliances used for the preventing or fighting of fires except the duly qualified members of the DuBois Volunteer Fire Department and in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by said Department, except that, in the event of emergencies, the Chief of the Fire Department may call upon nonmembers to aid and assist in such manner as the Chief may direct.
The DuBois Volunteer Fire Department shall, by its constitution, bylaws, rules and regulations, duly and properly adopted and enacted by the said association, provide for the internal management of the said Fire Department, handling of fires, designation of duties of the various members of the companies and the department generally and shall have, through its officers as designated by it, direct control and supervision of the manner in handling of fires, training members of the fire department and otherwise looking after and handling fires, fire prevention, saving of lives and property endangered by fire and all other matters pertaining thereto.
[Adopted 7-21-1896 by Ord. No. 85B; amended in its entirety 7-24-1995 by Ord. No. 1544 (Ch. 1, Part 8, of the 1995 Code)]
The following association is hereby recognized as actively engaged in providing fire protection and/or emergency services in the City of DuBois:
DuBois Volunteer Firemen's Relief Association.
The above-named association has been formed for the benefit of its members and their families in case of death, sickness, temporary or permanent disability or accident suffered in the line of duty.
The above-named association of the City is designated the proper association to receive such funds as are due and payable to the City Treasurer by the Treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania from the tax on premiums from foreign fire insurance companies.
The City Council shall annually certify to the Auditor General of the Commonwealth, the name(s) of the active associations and the percentage of service they contribute to the protection of the City. Such certification shall be on forms prescribed by the Auditor General.
There is annually appropriated from the City Treasury all such sums of money that may hereafter be paid into the City Treasury by the Treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania on account of taxes paid on premiums of foreign fire insurance companies in pursuance of the Act of December 18, 1984, No. 205, § 701 et seq., 53 P.S. § 8501 et seq., as hereafter amended, supplemented, modified or reenacted by the General Assembly of Pennsylvania.[1] Such monies received by the City Treasurer from the State Treasurer shall be distributed to the duly recognized association(s) within 60 days of receipt. The funds shall be distributed on the basis of the percentage of service established in the certification to the Auditor General and with other provisions of the Act.
Editor's Note: 53 P.S. §§ 8501 to 8508, was repealed Nov. 23, 2010 by P.L. 1181, No. 118. See now 35 Pa.C.S.A. § 7411 et seq., which is a continuation of the original Act.