City of Cohoes, NY
Albany County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Common Council of the City of Cohoes 12-22-2009 by L.L. No. 13-2009. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Department of Finance — See Charter, Art. VI.
Officers and employees — See Ch. 52.
No claim, defined as any demand for payment, invoice, voucher, or bill, against the City, except for a fixed salary, for the principal or interest on a bonded or funded debt or other loan or for the regular or stated compensation of officers or employees in any City department or for work performed or materials furnished under contract with the Board of Managers, shall be paid unless a claim therefor, verified by or on behalf of the claimant, in such form as the Comptroller shall prescribe, and approved by the head of the department or officer whose action gave rise or origin to the claim and, if the claim be based upon an open market order for merchandise or material furnished or work, labor or services rendered, supported by the original purchase order, shall have been presented to the Comptroller and shall have been audited and allowed by him/her. The Comptroller may require that any claim be fully itemized and sworn to by the claimant before submission for approval. All bills and claims must be supported by a certification of the receipt of the goods or the satisfactory rendering of the services by the responsible officer or department head, who may be held accountable therefor, accepting the same on behalf of the City. No claim shall be paid unless there is a legal obligation upon the City to pay said claim, or unless authorized by the Charter or Code or by law. Unless a claim is submitted to the City's insurer, the Corporation Counsel shall be the determiner as to the City's legal obligation to pay a claim. The Comptroller shall keep accurate records of claims paid and denied, in electronic or paper format, so that said records are readily available. Where a claim is denied, the Corporation Counsel shall be made aware of the denial and of the Comptroller's justification of said denial. Claims based upon merchandise or material furnished, or work, labor, or services rendered, shall be under the purview of the Comptroller to conduct his or her audit to determine if said claim is proper, until such time as a notice of claim, summons, complaint, or other legal pleadings are served upon the City. In cases where a claim is based on the damages suffered by another, to person or property, or on any allegation of a wrongful act, omission or breech of duty, misfeasance, negligence, fault, deprivation of a right, or any other claim not being for services rendered or materials furnished, or any claim where notice of claim or other legal papers or pleadings have been filed or served against the City, arising out of law or equity, any audit shall be conducted by, or in unison with, the Department of Law.
All moneys deposited by the Treasurer, as provided herein, shall be placed to the credit of the City. The Treasurer shall keep bank books in which shall be entered his/her accounts or deposits in and moneys drawn from the banks or trust companies in which such deposits shall be made. He/She shall exhibit such books to the Comptroller for his/her inspection at least once each month, and more often if required. The banks or trust companies in which such deposits are made shall respectively transmit to the Comptroller monthly statements of the moneys which shall have been received and paid out by them on account of the City.
Notwithstanding any different, contrary or conflicting provisions of this Code or of any general, special or local law, the salary, wages or compensation which members and officers of the Police Department and Fire Department of the Department of Public Safety shall receive annually shall be determined by the Board of Managers subject to the minimum salaries as set forth in Subsection B herein.
Salaries. The minimum salaries may be set from time to time by the Common Council.
A fireman and patrolman shall be classified as a "rookie" during his/her first year of service, "third grade" during his/her second year of service, "second grade" during his/her third year of service and "first grade" during his/her fourth year of service and thereafter until he/she shall be promoted to a higher office or rank. Each incumbent presently holding the position of patrolman or fireman shall be entitled to credit for the years of service already served.
The salaries and compensations, including the increase set forth herein for the Fire Department and Police Department, shall be included in each annual estimate prepared by the Board of Managers of the City of Cohoes, New York, and the moneys required to pay such increases and salaries shall be raised by general taxation on real estate, so far as is permissible within the constitutional or statutory limitations or restrictions on the power of the City of Cohoes, New York, to raise money by taxation on real estate.
If any provision or provisions of the foregoing are held to be invalid, ineffective or unconstitutional, such determination shall not affect the validity, force or effect of any other provision or part thereof.
If any part of this amendment or section shall be declared to be invalid or ineffective, the remaining part shall continue in full force and effect.