Borough of Green Tree, PA
Allegheny County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the voters of the Borough of Green Tree at the election held 5-6-1974. Amendments noted where applicable.]
We, the people of Green Tree, firmly believe that we have the right to govern ourselves and claim this right by adopting this Charter.
We believe this Charter encourages active participation of the citizens of Green Tree in a system of government that is flexible, responsive and representative and able to meet both present and future needs.
We further believe that this Charter fosters the social, cultural, physical and economic climate essential to a healthy, progressive community where all citizens may live with security, pride and dignity.
Article I Name and Boundaries

§ C-101 Name.

§ C-102 Boundaries.

Article II Powers of the Borough

§ C-201 Powers.

§ C-202 Construction.

§ C-203 Residual powers in the Borough Council.

§ C-204 Exercise of powers and functions.

Article III Borough Council

§ C-301 Composition.

§ C-302 Qualifications of members of Council.

§ C-303 Prohibitions.

§ C-304 Terms.

§ C-305 Election and procedure.

§ C-306 Vacancies.

§ C-307 Filling of vacancies.

§ C-308 Oath of office.

§ C-309 Organization of Council.

§ C-310 Authority.

§ C-311 Salary.

Article IV Operation and Procedures of Borough Council

§ C-401 Meetings.

§ C-402 Records.

§ C-403 Public meetings.

§ C-404 Operating rules.

§ C-405 Quorum.

§ C-406 Majority action.

§ C-407 Form of action by Council.

§ C-408 Citizens' right to be heard.

Article V Ordinances and Resolutions

§ C-501 Certain specific action requiring an ordinance.

§ C-502 Enacting clause.

§ C-503 General ordinance requirements.

§ C-504 Penalty.

§ C-505 Ordinances requiring prior public notice.

§ C-506 Public notice.

§ C-507 Amendment after public hearing.

§ C-508 Content of public notice.

§ C-509 Publication and effective date of ordinance.

§ C-510 Recording of ordinances and resolutions.

§ C-511 Submission of ordinances to the Mayor.

§ C-512 Administrative Code.

§ C-513 Emergency ordinances.

§ C-514 Codes of technical regulations.

Article VI Inquiries and Investigations by Council

§ C-601 Inquiries and investigations.

§ C-602 Witnesses and documents.

§ C-603 Oaths of witnesses.

§ C-604 Witness fees.

Article VII The Mayor

§ C-701 Authority and duties generally.

§ C-702 Qualifications of the Mayor.

§ C-703 Prohibitions.

§ C-704 Term.

§ C-705 Election and procedure.

§ C-706 Vacancies.

§ C-707 Filling of vacancies.

§ C-708 Oath of office.

§ C-709 Powers, duties and authority.

§ C-710 Salary.

Article VIII Borough Manager

§ C-801 Appointment, qualifications and compensation.

§ C-802 Removal.

§ C-803 Acting Borough Manager.

§ C-804 Powers and duties of Borough Manager.

Article IX Borough Solicitor

§ C-901 Appointment, qualifications and compensation.

§ C-902 Removal.

§ C-903 Delegation of authority.

§ C-904 Powers and duties of the Borough Solicitor.

§ C-905 Access to records.

Article X Borough Engineer

§ C-1001 Appointment, qualifications and compensation.

§ C-1002 Removal.

§ C-1003 Delegation of authority.

§ C-1004 Powers and duties of the Borough Engineer.

Article XI Authorities

§ C-1101 Creation of authorities.

§ C-1102 Continuation of authorities.

Article XII Personnel

§ C-1201 General provisions.

§ C-1202 Indemnification.

Article XIII Police Department

§ C-1301 Purpose.

§ C-1302 Appointment, removal, promotion, suspension and reduction in rank.

§ C-1303 Powers and authority.

§ C-1304 Control.

§ C-1305 Compensation.

§ C-1306 Part-time police.

§ C-1307 Special school police.

§ C-1308 Special police.

§ C-1309 Auxiliary police.

§ C-1310 Civil service.

§ C-1311 Manner of filling appointments.

Article XIV Budget and Fiscal Matters

§ C-1401 Fiscal year.

§ C-1402 Submission of budget and budget messages.

§ C-1403 Budget.

§ C-1404 Budget message.

§ C-1405 Public record.

§ C-1406 Adoption of budget.

§ C-1407 Modification of budget.

§ C-1408 Payment of funds.

§ C-1409 Independent audit.

§ C-1410 Appeals from audit.

§ C-1411 Fidelity bonds.

§ C-1412 Municipal borrowing.

Article XV Contracts

§ C-1501 Requirements.

§ C-1502 Competitive bids.

§ C-1503 Bidding procedure.

§ C-1504 Exceptions to competitive bidding.

§ C-1505 Maximum term of certain contracts.

§ C-1506 Eminent domain.

§ C-1507 Officials with personal interest in contracts.

§ C-1508 Unenforceable contracts.

Article XVI Land Use, Development, Planning and Zoning Regulations

§ C-1601 Planning Code.

Article XVII Recall

§ C-1701 Officers subject to recall.

§ C-1702 Recall procedure.

§ C-1703 Notice to incumbent.

§ C-1704 Recall elections.

§ C-1705 Disqualification for office.

§ C-1706 Limitations.

Article XVIII Succession

§ C-1801 Rights and liabilities of the Borough.

§ C-1802 Authority of existing elected officers.

§ C-1803 Continuation of ordinances.

Article XIX General Provisions

§ C-1901 Severability.

§ C-1902 Charter amendment.

§ C-1903 Effective date.