Town of Bloomsburg, PA
Columbia County
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[Ord. 687, 10/6/1986, § 101]
An Ordinance permitting, prohibiting, regulating, restricting and determining the uses of land, watercourses and other bodies of water; the size, height, bulk, location, erection, construction, repair, maintenance, alteration, razing, removal and use of structures; the areas and dimensions of land and bodies of water to be occupied by uses and structures as well as areas, courts, yards and other open space and distances to be left unoccupied by uses and structures; the density of population and intensity of use and providing for the administration of such ordinance.
[Ord. 687, 10/6/1986, § 102]
This Chapter shall be known and may be cited as the "Town of Bloomsburg Zoning Ordinance."
[Ord. 687, 10/6/1986, § 103]
This Chapter is enacted for the following purposes:
To promote, protect and facilitate one or more of the following:
The public health, safety, morals, general welfare, coordinated and practical community development, proper density of population, civil defense, disaster evacuation, airports and national defense facilities.
The provision of adequate light and air, police protection, vehicle parking and loading space, transportation, water, sewerage, schools, public grounds and other public requirements.
To prevent one or more of the following:
Overcrowding of land.
Danger and congestion in travel and transportation.
Loss of health, life or property from fire.
Panic or other dangers.
To preserve prime agriculture and farmland considering topography, soil type and classification and present use.
[Ord. 687, 10/6/1986, § 104]
In interpreting and applying the provisions of this Chapter, they shall be held to be the minimum requirements for the promotion of health, safety, morals and the general welfare of the Town and its citizens. It is not intended by this Chapter to interfere with or abrogate or annul any rules or regulations previously adopted or permits previously issued by the Town which are not in conflict with any provisions of this Chapter, nor is it intended by this Chapter to interfere with or abrogate or annul any easements, covenants, building restrictions or other agreements between parties; provided, however, that where this Chapter imposes a greater restriction upon the use of the buildings or premises or upon the height of the building, or requires a larger open space than is imposed or required by such ordinance, rules, regulations or permits, or by easements, covenants, building restrictions or agreements, the provisions of this Chapter shall control.
[Ord. 687, 10/6/1986, § 105]
The modification or repeal of any prior ordinance, resolution or regulation by this Chapter shall not annul or otherwise relieve any party from any permit issued, condition imposed, approval granted, approval denied, order issued or violation, penalty or other liability incurred to such affected ordinance, resolution or regulation.