Town of Johnston, RI
Providence County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Johnston 12-10-1979 by Ord. No. 440 as Secs. 11-1 to 11-20 of the 1979 Code. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Fire Department and personnel regulations —  See Charter, Arts. XII and XVI.
Personnel policies — See Ch. 47.
The Council acting by and under the provisions of Article XII of the Charter of the Town of Johnston hereby establishes a permanent Fire Department in accordance with the provisions and under the authority of said Charter.
[Amended 5-13-1985 by Ord. No. 572]
The Fire Department shall consist of a Chief of the Department and such additional personnel of other ranks and grades as the Chief of the Department may from time to time determine.
Personnel of the Department shall consist of permanent firemen, call firemen and volunteer firemen, except that volunteer firemen shall be unpaid and shall not be subject to any Town civil service ordinance nor shall they be considered employees of the Town.
The personnel organization in the Department shall consist initially of at least the following ranks: Chief; Deputy Chief; captains; lieutenants; privates; and with any number of call men and volunteers necessary for proper operation.
In accordance with the Town Charter of the Town of Johnston, Article XII, the Mayor is empowered to increase or decrease the number of permanent or call fire fighters or volunteer fire fighters as he shall deem practicable from time to time, within the economic structure of the Town.
All initial officer appointments shall be made from within the ranks of volunteer fire companies now in operation in the Town.
There shall be one Fire Chief in the Town who shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall be subject to removal for cause by the Mayor. He shall have charge of all fire-fighting activities.
The Chief of the Fire Department shall enforce the laws of the state and the ordinances of the Town as they pertain to the Fire Department, and he shall exercise and perform the powers and duties by law imposed upon and required of the Fire Department and the Fire Chief in the several towns of the state. He shall be the executive officer of the Fire Department and he shall have direct control and management of all members and other personnel of the Fire Department in the lawful exercise of their duties, according to law.
It shall be the duty of the Chief of the Fire Department to keep accurate and complete records of all fires. He shall submit to the Mayor a monthly report and an annual report of all transactions and activities of the Fire Department, including finances.
The Chief of the Fire Department shall formulate a program of training and may incur such expenses within the appropriation therefor. He shall keep on file printed lists of the qualifications necessary for appointment to the Department for the use of all applicants for training, and for appointment to the force.
All appointees to the permanent Fire Department, including call men, and all future appointees shall serve a six-month probationary period before receiving their permanent appointments.
Permanent members of the Fire Department and call men shall hold office at such compensation as the Personnel Board and Town Council shall recommend until their position is vacated by reason of death, resignation, removal from the Town, or inability to serve, or until they are reduced in rank or removed from office for cause.
All members of the Fire Department, including the Fire Chief, shall be subject to reduction in rank or removal from office in accordance with the provisions of Article XVI of the Town Charter for misconduct, incapacity, infraction of the rules, neglect of duty or insubordination of such a character as may be deemed a disqualification of such office. All such reductions or removals shall be made upon charges made in writing, a copy of which must be served upon such member so charged, at least five days before the date of hearing. The hearing shall be held by the Town Council acting as the board of personnel review, at the next regular or special meeting of the board which meeting shall be held no later than 30 days after the reduction in rank or removal from office. The member shall have the right to be represented by counsel.
The Fire Chief shall have the right to suspend any subordinate officers or members for cause, and any suspended officer or member shall be entitled to a hearing before the Board of Personnel Review as provided in the preceding section.
Each member of the Fire Department, except the Chief, and all other personnel thereof shall be appointed pursuant to law and ordinance with due consideration given to recommendation by the Fire Chief.
[Amended 10-11-2011 by Ord. No. 2011-17]
Before any applicant shall be appointed to a position in the Fire Department, he shall present qualifications through examination and a certificate from a physician appointed by the Personnel Board that he is physically qualified.
The applicant shall bear the cost of the physical examination undergone pursuant to this section.
[Amended 10-11-2011 by Ord. No. 2011-18]
All appointments to the Fire Department, except initial appointees, whether they be officers or privates, may be by either:
Competitive examination, and in accordance with the provisions of Article XVI of the Town Charter; or
The Mayor or his designee, based on the experience and qualifications of an active firefighter applicant, and including but not limited to:
Passage of NFPA 1582 physical exam;
RIEMT-C certification or agreement to obtain said certification within the first year of employment at the applicant’s expense and with the applicant’s sole responsibility to attend any required classes and to retain said certification for the duration of his or her employment; and
Completion of the Rhode Island Fire Academy.[1]
Editor’s Note: Former Subsection A(2)(d), listing three years of experience as a full-time firefighter, which immediately followed this subsection, was repealed 6-8-2015 by Ord. No. 2015-7.
The Mayor or his designee reserves the right to reject any applicant applying under Subsection A(2) of this section.
An applicant for a position in the Fire Department must be a qualified voter of the Town, not younger than 18 years of age or older than 35 years of age upon appointment to the Department, except that initial appointees, as well as any man that is now a call man or member of a volunteer fire company, shall be exempt from the age requirement.
Every member of the permanent Fire Department shall wear a uniform while on duty which shall comply with the applicable rules and regulations. The Fire Chief may issue specific orders authorizing the performance of certain duties while not in uniform. Each member and call man of the Fire Department shall wear a suitable badge to be furnished by the Department.
All matters relating to the administration of the Fire Department shall be considered vested in the Chief of the Department who shall be responsible to the Mayor.
The Chief of the Fire Department shall be responsible for the management of the Bureau of Fire Prevention in accordance with the laws of the state, the ordinances of the Town, and all rules and regulations that shall have been or shall be adopted by the Town Council.
The Chief of the Fire Department shall have the authority to organize and control the officers and men of the Fire Department and all other attaches of the Fire Department of the Town as hereafter shall be constituted, and shall also have the authority to make all needful rules and regulations, subject to the provisions of Article IV of the Charter, for the efficient management and direction thereof, not inconsistent with the laws of the State of Rhode Island.
In case of a vacancy in any office of the Fire Department, with the exception of that of the Chief, the Chief of the Department shall designate an officer of the permanent Fire Department or a call officer to act in such office until a permanent replacement has been appointed.
The Chief of the Fire Department shall prepare the annual budget of the Department for submission to the Mayor.
The Johnston Fire Department shall be the only recognized fire company in the Town, and no call or volunteer fire company or department that might be organized apart from the regular Fire Department in the future and no member thereof shall be eligible to receive pay or funds from the Town.
[Added 7-11-1994 by Ord. No. 929]
The following shall be the fee schedule for the use of rescue vehicles and emergency services:
Advanced life support (ALS): $225.
Basic life support (BLS): $195.
Cardiac monitoring: $60.
Defibrillation: $35.
Airways: $45.
IV: $50.
Mast trousers: $35.
Oxygen, per bottle: $45.
Mileage ALS, per mile: $5.
Mileage BLS, per mile: $6.
Miscellaneous supplies: $20.
Billing. The Town of Johnston may perform the billing task or contract privately for this service. The administration shall have the authority to contract for these services for billing and other related services, subject to the General Laws of Rhode Island.
Capital Projects Fund. The Town Finance Director, with the approval of the Mayor, shall have the authority to allocate funds received by the Town, for emergency services, from the Town’s general fund to a Capital Projects Fund established for the purpose of acquiring fire equipment and apparatus. The funds maintained in the Capital Projects Fund shall be used solely for the purchase of fire equipment and apparatus.
[Added 9-9-2013 by Ord. No. 2013-16]