Borough of Tyrone, PA
Blair County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

§ C-17 Meetings.

It shall be the duty of the Council to meet statedly at least once a month. Council may adjourn to a stated time for general business or for special business. If no quorum is present at a regular or adjourned meeting, a majority of those who do meet may agree upon another date for a meeting and may continue to so agree until the meeting is held. Special meetings may be called by the President of Council and must be called upon written request of at least three members thereof. Members shall have at least 24 hours' notice of such special meeting. The notice shall state whether it is for general or special purposes, and if it is for special purposes, the notice shall contain a statement of the nature of the business to be considered. Presence at a meeting constitutes waiver of notice. The dates of regular meetings of the Borough Council are to be published at least annually in a newspaper of wide circulation.

§ C-18 Records.

Council shall make and preserve minutes and records of its proceedings. These records shall be open for public inspection during reasonable hours and copies furnished to individuals upon payment of the estimated reasonable expense.

§ C-19 Public meetings.

All meetings and deliberations of the Council shall be open to the public, except that the Council may discuss matters pertaining to elected or appointed officials, individual employees, collective bargaining, matters of land acquisition and investigation and settlement of suits for claims in executive session. It is the intent of this Charter that all other matters affecting the public shall be discussed in meetings that are open to the public.
The agenda of business of the Council meetings shall be made available in the Borough offices at least 24 hours before the meeting and be published in a newspaper of wide circulation at least the day prior to the meeting.

§ C-20 Operating rules.

The Council shall, by ordinance, adopt rules of procedure for its meetings and may provide for the formation of committees and assignment of members thereto. Such rules shall be designed so as to assure full and equal participation in the deliberations of the Council by all of its members.

§ C-21 Quorum.

Five members of Council shall constitute a quorum. The Council shall conduct no business except in the presence of a quorum.

§ C-22 Majority action.

The action of a majority of the members of Council present and entitled to vote, unless otherwise stated in this Charter, shall be binding upon and constitute the action of the Council.

§ C-23 Form of action by Council.

Official actions of Council may be taken by adoption of an ordinance, of a resolution or by motion. All ordinances and resolutions must be in written form. All actions of a legislative character shall be taken by ordinance. All other actions of Council may be by resolution or motion, unless otherwise required in this Charter or in the ordinance establishing the rules of councilmanic procedure. All official votes of the Council shall be taken openly and recorded.
All final action in adopting ordinances or resolutions shall be by roll call vote, and the vote of each member of Council shall be entered in the minutes of the meeting.

§ C-24 Citizens' right to be heard.

The Council shall provide reasonable opportunity for interested citizens and taxpayers to address the Council on matters of general or special concern. This opportunity may be afforded the public either at the regular monthly Council meeting or at another regular monthly meeting specially set for this purpose.