Town of Brentwood, MD
Prince George's County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Mayor and Town Council of the Town of Brentwood 2-7-1972 as Secs. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 of Ord. No. II of the Ordinances of the Town of Brentwood (Ch. 110 of the 1986 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
No person or persons, or their agents, wards or servants, shall willfully or maliciously hinder or obstruct the free passage of any person, persons, vehicles or conveyances, passing by or along any public street, sidewalk or thoroughfare in the Town of Brentwood.
No person or persons shall willfully or maliciously disturb or harass any other person, group of persons or neighborhood in the Town of Brentwood by loud, annoying or threatening noises or acts, or indulge in profanity, or use obscene language, or make or cause to be made any obscene or vulgar signals, signs, pictures or writings on or near any public street, thoroughfare or place of public worship or within hearing or sight of persons on such streets or thoroughfares or in such places of public worship.
Any person or persons who shall be intoxicated or act in a disorderly manner or create a disturbance upon any street or thoroughfare or at any place of public worship, public assembly, public resort, public vehicle or conveyance, place of public amusement or other public property in the Town of Brentwood shall be guilty of disturbing the peace.
For the purpose of this chapter, any person committing any of the various acts declared by statute to be an offense, such as acts against public peace, order or morals, is hereby declared to be disturbing the peace or to be disorderly and shall be subject to arrest on the charge of disturbing the public peace.
Upon complaint or observance of drunkenness, disturbance of the peace, disorderly conduct, acts offensive to public morals and decency or any other unlawful act on private property in the Town of Brentwood, a duly authorized officer shall proceed to obtain a legal warrant and arrest such person or persons on a charge of disturbing the peace.
Any tramp or vagrant, any idle person or beggar, any person of evil life or ill repute, any person who has no visible means of support and is likely to become a public charge as a pauper or any suspicious person who has no fixed place of residence, is without lawful occupation and cannot give a good account of himself or herself may be arrested as being disorderly.
No person or persons shall keep or maintain a bawdy house, assignation house or house of prostitution within the Town of Brentwood or knowingly let or lease a house or any part thereof to be so kept or maintained.