City of Town And Country, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1975 §§15.02(14)(A), (B), (24), 15.09(9), (10); CC 1989 §13-131]
The Mayor and Board of Aldermen are hereby authorized to restrict the movement of traffic on certain streets, alleys or public grounds to one-way or one (1) direction only, and to restrict the movement of traffic on certain streets and alleys to one-way and one (1) direction at certain hours of the day, regardless of the centerline of the roadway; and to erect and maintain any and all necessary signs, markers, barriers or other devices to give notice thereof.
Signs indicating the direction of lawful traffic movement to one-way or to one-way at one (1) time and another way at another time, shall be placed at every intersection where such movement in the opposite direction is prohibited. No such regulation shall be effective unless such signs are in place indicating the direction of the flow of traffic. Upon those streets and parts of streets described and designated as one-way, vehicular traffic shall only move in the indicated direction.
When appropriate signs, signals, markings, barriers or other devices are in place giving adequate notice that a street, part of a street, or specified lane or lanes of a street on which vehicular traffic shall proceed in one (1) direction during one (1) period of the day and the opposite direction during another period of the day, regardless of the centerline of the roadway, no person shall disobey such sign by driving in the opposite direction of the lawful traffic movement for the lane in which he/she is traveling.