City of Berkeley, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Notes: Former Sections 415.010 through 415.160, regarding Trailer Parks, was repealed 2-4-2019 by Ord. No. 4516. The remaining regulations regarding trailer parking are held in Section 415.170.
[Ord. No. 4516, 2-4-2019]
[Ord. No. 4517, 2-4-2019]
A structure which is primarily designed or intended for the storage of vehicles and which, when all accesses to the interior are closed, has the ability to totally shield from view anything stored therein.
A permit must be obtained from the Public Works Inspections County and approved by the City Council before parking any type of trailer or recreation vehicle. Permits are valid for one (1) year for recreation vehicles.
A camper trailer, pick-up camper (not attached to the truck), motorized mobile home, boat, house boat, boat trailer, equipment trailer, utility trailer, dune buggies, snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATV (all-terrain vehicle), or any similar equipment designed, constructed, or modified for recreational or travel use and otherwise not primarily used for ordinary day to day transportation. Shall comply with Section 410.190, parked no longer than one hundred eighty (180) days.
A vehicle designed to be pulled by a motor vehicle which is used to carry property, or special equipment and that is fifteen and one-half (15½) feet or less in length. Boat trailers are included as utility trailers. Utility trailers that are longer than sixteen (16) feet in length are considered industrial vehicles and are regulated as heavy trucks and are not permitted to be parked on City streets or on any residentially zoned property; and, whose body and tailgate consider largely or exclusively of a metal mesh, and wood.
No boat, boat trailer, auxiliary trailer or any trailer shall be parked, used or occupied on any street except for the purpose of loading or unloading.
No boat, boat trailer, auxiliary trailer or any trailer shall be parked, used or occupied on any tract of land within the City except as provided herein.
A boat, boat trailer, auxiliary trailer or any trailer may be parked on any residential lot within the City as long as the trailer or boat is not used as a dwelling, living or sleeping quarters, provided a permit therefor shall be first obtained, and no person shall permit such parking or use, unless the owner of the trailer or boat shall first have obtained a permit therefor. A trailer or boat shall be parked in the rear yard of the lot, except as otherwise provided.
A permit shall be obtained from the City Manager for the parking of a trailer or boat by the owner or person in possession for parking outside of a trailer park.
The application for the permit shall contain the following information:
Written consent of the owner, legal agent of the owner, or the lessee of the location on which trailer or boat is to be parked.
Description of the property on which the trailer or boat is to be parked.
Affidavit to the effect that plumbing facilities will not be used while this trailer or boat is so parked, and such trailer or boat will not be occupied as a residence.
Purpose of parking the trailer or boat.
Trailers and boats of all kinds and descriptions may be stored or parked on lots zoned "D" Local Business, "E" Commercial and "F" Industrial, but while a boat or trailer is so stored or parked on such zoned land, it shall not be occupied as a residence, or used for the display, or selling of any merchandise, goods or wares therein. Trailers shall be parked within the building lines of the lot.
Boats and trailers not exceeding five and one-half (5½) feet in height, exclusive of windshield or motor, may be parked on the side yard or the rear yard of residential property. No boat or trailer exceeding six and one-half (6½) feet in height, exclusive of windshield and motor may be parked in any portion of a yard unless the boat or trailer is parked or stored in a building or under a permanent structure.
No permit is necessary for a boat or boat trailer kept under a permanent roof.
House trailers and trailers regulated elsewhere in the City Code are exempt from the provisions of this Section, except those regulated by Subsection (K) hereof.
Parking Of Construction Vehicles, Utility Trailers, Semi-Tractor Trailers And Recreational Vehicles.
[Ord. No. 4517, 2-4-2019]
Except as provided in Subsections (D) and (G), no construction vehicles, semi-tractor trailers, box type trucks, or recreational equipment having a gross weight in excess of ten thousand (10,000) pounds, or in excess of twenty-three (23) feet in overall length, shall be parked on any driveway, roadway, or highway on private property within the City or on a designated parking area as described in this Section, on private property in a residentially zoned area within the City, except for deliveries, in an emergency, or when moving in or out of a residence or building, but in the latter case, the vehicle or trailer shall not remained parked in excess of twenty-four (24) hours.
Temporary permits may be granted by the City for the purpose of loading and unloading recreational vehicles. Such permits shall not be granted for periods of more than forty-eight (48) hours.
Construction vehicles, semi-tractor trailers and recreational vehicles shall not be permanently or temporarily connected to a source of water, electricity, gas, sewer, or other utility facility in the City, and shall at no time be used for living or sleeping quarters in the City.
Except when engaged in the pickup, towing, or assisting of a motorist in the customary types of services, no tow truck shall be parked on any driveway, roadway, or highway within the City of Berkeley.
A recreational vehicle, having a gross weight in excess of ten thousand (10,000) pounds, or in excess of twenty-three (23) feet in overall length, may be parked in a residentially zoned area within the City in accordance with the following conditions:
A maximum of one (1) recreational vehicle shall be permitted to be parked or stored on a paved driveway or paved designated parking area in a rear yard or side yard, provided that such recreational vehicle is screened from view at normal eye level from any street or from any adjoining lot be fencing, landscaping or other similar device approved by the Director of Public Works. For purposes of this Subsection, a recreational vehicle situated on top of a travel trailer required to transport said recreational vehicle (i.e., a boat and trailer) shall be deemed one (1) recreational vehicle. In additional, for purposes of this Subsection, a "side yard" and "rear yard" shall be as defined in Sections 400.020.
A permit is required from the Public Works Director, Building Commissioner, or designee; see Exhibit A, on file in the City offices.
A site inspection is required by the Building Inspector, the property must be free of Code violations, before a trailer permit will be considered for approval.
The permit application and inspector's findings shall be reviewed by the City Manager and referred to the City Council.
The permit shall be approved by the City Council.
Any recreational vehicle, equipment trailer or recreational equipment may be parked or stored at any time in an enclosed garage.