City of Berkeley, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1961 §20.01; Ord. No. 1446 §1, 1-6-1964]
Every person or persons conducting or providing dances shall, except as otherwise provided, secure a Dance Permit and it shall be unlawful to operate, conduct or provide a dance without securing a Dance Permit.
[CC 1961 §20.02; Ord. No. 1446 §1, 1-6-1964]
An application for a Dance Permit shall be filed with the Director of Finance on such forms provided for this permit. Upon the filing of an application the Police Department shall investigate and report the applicant's good moral character, and such report shall become a part of the application. The Director of Finance shall also secure a report from the Department of Public Works and Fire Department relative to their recommendation of the place where the dance is to be held. Such recommendation shall also become a part of this application.
[CC 1961 §20.03; Ord. No. 1446 §1, 1-6-1964]
Such permit fee for the said permit shall be thirty dollars ($30.00) per year. If a permit is issued for less than one (1) year, the license fee shall be one-twelfth (1/12th) of the usual fee for each month or fraction thereof.
[CC 1961 §20.04; Ord. No. 1446 §1, 1-6-1964]
The said permit herein issued shall be posted in or on the building or location of the said dance and said permit is not transferable without written approval of the City Manager.
[CC 1961 §20.05; Ord. No. 1446 §1, 1-6-1964]
The application for a permit shall be accompanied with the report of the Police Department and recommendations of the Fire Department and Public Works and shall be presented to the City Manager for his/her approval.
[CC 1961 §20.06; Ord. No. 1446 §1, 1-6-1964]
Such dances conducted or provided by a person for minors shall secure a permit as required herein and in addition to other rules provided therefor shall also be governed by the following:
No alcoholic beverages shall be allowed on the premises or parking areas.
The premises shall contain two (2) separate bathrooms; one (1) for each sex.
The operator of said dance shall provide at least one (1) male and one (1) female employee supervisors for the dance. Said supervisors to be approved by the Police Department and be at least twenty-five (25) years of age.
All parking areas to be well lighted and the operator of the dance to provide an adult attendant who shall be on duty on the parking lot during the entire period of the dance.
All drinks to be served in paper containers.
A copy of these rules shall be posted at all teenage dances.
[CC 1961 §20.07; Ord. No. 1446 §1, 1-6-1964]
There is hereby established an Appeal Committee comprised of the City Manager, Chief of Police, Vice President of the Council and a Park Board member appointed by the Council. The terms of this Committee shall be commensurate with their term in their respective office. They shall prescribe their own rules. They shall be empowered to determine the revocation of a permit issued hereunder upon complaint of the Chief of Police.
[CC 1961 §20.08; Ord. No. 1446 §1, 1-6-1964]
All charitable and non-profit organizations shall be exempted from the provisions of Section 615.030 of this Chapter.