City of Camdenton, MO
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 1992 § 610.010; CC 1984 § 55.010]
It shall be unlawful and in violation of this Chapter to conduct, stage, organize and operate any carnival, circus, concert, exhibition, show or public meeting as hereinafter described and to be held in any street, house or place in the City without first applying for and obtaining a license from the Board of Aldermen.
This Chapter shall be effective as to any carnivals, circuses, concerts, exhibitions, shows and public meetings at which the attendance may be expected to exceed five thousand (5,000) persons.
[R.O. 1992 § 610.020; CC 1984 § 55.020]
A fee shall be paid to the City of Camdenton in an amount of not less than five hundred dollars ($500.00) for operation of six (6) hours or less; one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for operation from six (6) hours to twelve (12) hours and one thousand five hundred ($1,500.00) for each twelve-hour period, or part thereof, thereafter. Such fee shall be used by the City for payment of its general expenses at the direction of the City and no part of said fee shall be remitted to the applicant.
[R.O. 1992 § 610.030; CC 1984 § 55.030]
The application for license shall be made by an individual or by an officer of any firm or corporation in person before the Board of Aldermen at any regular or special meeting.
[R.O. 1992 § 610.040; CC 1984 § 55.040]
Should the Board of Aldermen determine by a majority vote upon resolution that the license should be issued, then the Board of Aldermen shall set the terms and the fee within the limits set forth herein and for such period and at such place as contained in the application.
[R.O. 1992 § 610.050; CC 1984 § 55.050]
The license as issued shall not be sold, assigned, transferred or disposed of in any manner to others by the licensee, the said licensee shall be liable for any unlawful acts done hereunder whether or not performed by him/her.
[R.O. 1992 § 610.060; CC 1984 § 55.060]
It shall be unlawful to stage, operate, conduct or perform under this license or to permit any disorderly assemblies, riots, noises, assaults and batteries, disturbances of the peace, disturbances of religious and other lawful assemblies, indecent shows, exhibits or concerts in any street, house or place in the City, and for each violation thereof shall be imposed a penalty of a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) and costs or ninety (90) days imprisonment, or both fine and imprisonment.