City of Camdenton, MO
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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Ord. No.
Atlas Avenue at Oklahoma Street
Banner Street at Lakeview Drive
Bent Tree Lane at Dawson
Blair Avenue at North Ozark Drive
Camden Avenue at Court Circle
Camden Avenue at Iowa Street
Camden Avenue at Kansas Street SE (4-way stop)
Camden Avenue at Township Road
Camden Court at Court Circle
Camdenton R-III School Bus Barn Gate at Jackson Street
Carriage Drive at West Mulberry Lane
Caulfield Avenue at Court Circle SE
Caulfield Avenue at Illinois Street
Caulfield Avenue at Kansas Street SE (4-way stop)
Cedar Street at Illinois Street
Chase Avenue at Grant Avenue
Chase Street at Illinois Street
Cherry Street at Sherman Street
Chestnut Street at Fourth Street
Chestnut Street at Second Street
College Avenue at Court Circle
College Avenue at Illinois Street
College Avenue at Sherman Street
Court Avenue at Court Circle
Court Avenue at Illinois Street
Court Avenue at Sherman Street
Court Circle at Caulfield Avenue
Court Circle at College Avenue
D.A.R.E. Boulevard at Laker Drive
Dawson Road at Sunset Drive
Dogwood Drive at Clint Avenue
Dolores Street at Ha Ha Tonka Road
Dulle Drive at Cedar Avenue
Elm Street Lane at Laker Price Boulevard
Fifth Street at Third Street
Fitzgerald Avenue at Court Circle
Fitzgerald Avenue at Illinois Street
Forestway Drive at Dawson Road
Fourth Street at Hickory Street
Glenwood Lane at Mulberry Lane
Hazel Street at Fourth Street
Hazel Street at Second Street
Helms Street at Ha Ha Tonka Road
Hemlock Street at Wilkerson Avenue
Hickory Street at Iowa Street
High Street North at Lakeview Drive
High Street South at Lakeview Drive
Hollyhock Drive at Ha Ha Tonka Road cut thru
Hudson Street at Mulberry Lane
Illinois Street at Camden Avenue (4-way stop)
Illinois Street at Osage Avenue
Illinois Street SE at Caulfield
Iowa Street at Camden Avenue
Iowa Street at Caulfield Avenue (4-way stop)
Iowa Street at Osage Avenue (4-way stop)
Jackson Street at D.A.R.E. Boulevard
Kansas Street SE at Atlas Avenue (4-way stop)
Kansas Street SE at Hickory Street
Kansas Street SE at McClurg Avenue (4-way stop)
Keeney Street at Cedar Street
Layman Avenue at Dogwood Drive
Leonard North Street at East Mulberry Lane
Link Street at Ha Ha Tonka Road
Link Street at Panoramic Drive
Linn Avenue at Illinois Street
Linn Avenue at Walnut Street
McClurg Avenue at Illinois Street
McClurg Avenue at Iowa Street (4-way stop)
McClurg Avenue at Township Road
Minor Street at D.A.R.E. Boulevard
Minor Street at Kansas Street SE
Minor Street at Oklahoma Street (4-way stop)
Morgan Street at Ha Ha Tonka Road
Mulberry Lane at Mulberry Drive
Mulberry Lane (west end) at Mulberry Lane (east end)
Mulberry Lane at West Mulberry Lane
Munro Street at Third Street
Niangua Drive at Chase Avenue
Niangua Street at Court Circle
Niangua Street at Illinois Street
Nichols Lane at Wilkerson Avenue
Oklahoma Street at Camden Avenue (4-way stop)
Oklahoma Street at Caulfield Avenue
Oklahoma Street at McClurg Avenue (4-way stop)
Osage Avenue at Kansas Street SE
Ozark Drive North at Lakeview Drive
Ozark Drive South at Lakeview Drive
Pam May Drive at City Park Road
Pine Avenue at Illinois Street
Pine Avenue at Sherman Avenue
Poplar Street at Keeney Street
Poplar Street at Roofener Street
Primrose Circle at Hollyhock Drive
Primrose Lane at Hollyhock Drive
Rector Road at Dawson Road (one sign at each end)
Roofener Street at Cedar Street
Rosewood Terrace at Clint Avenue
Rosewood Terrace at Layman Avenue
Rustic Place at Panoramic Drive
Second Street at Hickory Street
Sesame Street at Elm Tree Lane
Shadow Oaks Road at Clint Avenue
Shadow Oaks Road at the Hemlock Street and Short Street Intersection
Sherman Street at Cedar Street
Sunset Drive at West Mulberry Lane
Sunset Lane at Mulberry Drive
Sunset Lane at Sunset Drive
Suzanne Drive at Tonka Street
Tonka Street at Ha Ha Tonka Road
U.S. Route 54 East parking area on south side of South Court Circle
U.S. Route 54 West parking area on southeast side of East Court Circle
Valleyview Drive at Ha Ha Tonka Road
Valleyview Drive at Panoramic Drive
Vista Place at Panoramic Drive
Wilkerson Avenue at Newton Street
Willow Terrace at Clint Avenue