City of Camdenton, MO
Camden County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 1992 § 630.010; CC 1984 § 63.010]
As used in this Chapter, the following terms shall have these prescribed meanings:
The addition of any substance which impairs the wholesomeness of the product or which contains any dye, coloring, preservative, sodium sulfite, sodium benzoate, or other added chemical whereby damage or inferiority is concealed, or whereby it is made to appear of better or greater quality of value than it is, or which is poisonous or injurious to health, or which contains any substance mixed therewith so as to lower depreciate, mask, or injuriously affect the strength, quality or purity of such meat, meat products, or meat food products.
Any edible part of the carcass of any cattle, sheep, swine, or goats which is not manufactured, cured, smoked, processed or otherwise treated.
Any article of food, or any article which is entered into composition of food for human consumption which is prepared in whole or in part from any portion of the carcass of cattle, sheep, swine or goats.
Any room or building in which meat producing animals or parts thereof are chopped, ground, smoked, cured or processed in any manner, or in which food products are manufactured, shall, within the meaning of these rules and regulations, constitute a meat processing establishment. (Except retail groceries or meat markets which may conduct these operations for retail sale only.)
Shall be construed to mean individuals, firms, corporations, companies, associations, every agent, officer, or employee of any thereof. This shall denote both the plural and singular, as the case may be.
Shall be construed to mean any meat products or meat food product or both.
An establishment where meat, meat products, meat by-products, meat food products, are prepared or displayed for sale to the final consumer in retail trade and where no wholesale operation is carried on, by such establishment, from the same premises.
[R.O. 1992 § 630.020; CC 1984 § 63.020]
Any such company, engaged in the processing of meat or meat products under permit from the City of Camdenton, shall be issued an official inspection number to identify all products prepared in the establishment and passed as acceptable for human food. Violations of any provision of these rules and regulations or interference with inspectors shall be sufficient cause for withdrawal of official inspection and return of the official stamp to an authorized official of the City of Camdenton.
[R.O. 1992 § 630.030; CC 1984 § 63.030]
Inspections shall be made as required by the Camden County Health Department. The cost, if any, of such inspections shall be paid by such company.
[R.O. 1992 § 630.040; CC 1984 § 63.040]
The following list provided requirements that must be provided by establishments:
Separate Rooms Required. The operation of an establishment as defined herein shall be conducted in rooms used for no other purpose than the processing of meat and meat food products.
Cold Storage Rooms. The cold storage room or rooms should be ample in size for maximum operation with overcrowding, and ceiling height shall be sufficient to permit hoisting and free movement of carcasses and products without contact with the floor. Each room shall be free from unnecessary overhanging appliances and shall not be used for storage of equipment, clothing, or extraneous materials unnecessary for actual operations.
Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Partitions, Etc. The floors, walls, ceilings, partitions, posts, doors, and other parts of an establishment shall be of such materials, construction, and finish as will make them susceptible to being readily and thoroughly cleansed.
Lighting. All working surfaces shall have a minimum of twenty (20) footcandles of light evenly distributed. In all other areas in the establishment, there shall be not less than five (5) footcandles at a height of thirty (30) inches above the floor.
Ventilation. All rooms, compartments, and areas in an establishment shall be constructed and maintained so as to minimize odors and condensation.
Toilet And Lavatory Facilities. Adequate toilet facilities, lavatories, dressing rooms, and clothing lockers for employees, properly lighted and ventilated shall be provided in all establishments in quarters entirely segregated from rooms in which meats and meat products are prepared, stored, or handled. Only those persons whose duties require them to come in contact with meats and meat food products shall be permitted in rooms in which edible products are prepared or stored.
Water Supply. The hot and cold water supply shall be ample, clean and potable with adequate facilities for its distribution in the plant. The supply shall be furnished at such places in the establishment as may be essential to assure cleanliness of all persons handling any meat or product. Properly located facilities shall be furnished for disinfecting and cleansing utensils and hands of all persons handling any meat or product.
Waste Disposal. There shall be an efficient drainage and plumbing system for the establishment and premises and all drains and gutters shall be properly installed with approved traps and vents.
Insect And Rodent Control. All establishments shall be rat stopped to prevent the entrance of rats and shall have interior construction that will minimize the harborage of rodents or insects.
[R.O. 1992 § 630.050; CC 1984 § 63.050]
The following list provides the requirements for proper sanitation:
Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Etc. All floors, walls, ceilings, partitions, etc., shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition and shall be washed as often as is necessary to achieve this.
Ventilation. All rooms within an establishment shall be kept free of any material which may cause objectionable odors.
Toilet And Lavatory Facilities. Toilet and lavatory facilities shall be kept clean and in good repair. Hot and cold running water, soap, and sanitary towels shall be available at all times for the use of employees.
Cleaning Of Equipment And Utensils. All equipment and utensils used in the processing of meat or meat food products shall be thoroughly cleaned immediately after each use. Where practical, sanitization of such equipment or utensils shall be practiced.
Refrigeration. Adequate refrigeration facilities shall be provided for storage of all meat, meat products and meat food products. All products shall be properly refrigerated at all times except during processing.
Insect And Rodent Control. Every practical precaution shall be taken to keep an establishment free of flies, rats, mice and other vermin. The use of poisons in the control of flies, rats, or other vermin shall be under the supervision of the inspector.
Cleanliness Of Employees. Employees suffering from a communicable disease shall not be permitted to engage in the processing of meat or meat food products.
Miscellaneous. No establishment or any part thereof shall be used or occupied as a residence or lodging place for any person and no meat processing shall be permitted in any house, building, or place used as a residence or lodging place for human beings.
[R.O. 1992 § 630.060; CC 1984 § 63.060]
No meat or product thereof shall be brought into the plant for preparation, processing or handling unless it has been previously inspected and passed by inspectors of the Bureau of Animal Industry of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Equipment and utensils used for preparing, processing, or otherwise handling any meat, meat product, or meat food product shall be of such materials and construction as will make them susceptible to being readily and thoroughly cleaned. Metal in place of wood shall be used wherever practicable Trucks and receptacles used for inedible products shall bear some conspicuous and distinctive mark, and shall not be used for handling edible products.
All processes used in curing, pickling, rendering, canning or otherwise preparing any meat or meat product shall be in conformity with the United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Industry Regulations.
[R.O. 1992 § 630.070; CC 1984 § 163.070]
Where interpretations are needed that are not specifically covered by these regulations such interpretations shall be obtained from the current regulations of the Meat Inspection Branch of the United States Department of Agriculture.