City of Poplar Bluff, MO
Butler County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to planning and zoning, ch. 400; as to zoning regulations, ch. 405.
Article I In General

Section 420.010 Purpose.

Section 420.020 Definitions.

Section 420.030 Creation of the Commission as a Municipal Board.

Section 420.040 Number and Term of Commission Members — Filling Vacancies — Expenses.

Section 420.050 Members — Selection of Officers — Rules for Conduct of Meetings — Records.

Article II Commission's Powers

Section 420.060 Specific Powers and Duties.

Section 420.070 Funds and Revenue.

Article III Designation of Historic Districts and Landmarks

Section 420.080 Survey of Local Historical Resources.

Section 420.090 Designation.

Section 420.100 Preparation of Report on Proposed Designation.

Section 420.110 Notification of Property Owners of Proposed Designation.

Section 420.120 Public Hearing.

Section 420.130 Timely Determination.

Section 420.140 Action by the City Council.

Section 420.150 Notice.

Section 420.160 Protest.

Section 420.170 Designation.

Section 420.180 Notification of Approved Designation.

Section 420.190 Moratorium on Application for Construction, Alteration or Demolition While Designation Pending.

Section 420.200 "H" Corresponding Zoning District.

Article IV Regulation of Historic Districts and Landmarks

Section 420.210 Certificate of Appropriateness Required — Application.

Section 420.220 Review of Certificate Application.

Section 420.230 Guidelines for Rehabilitation.

Section 420.240 Variety of Styles in New Construction.

Section 420.250 Submission of Plans to Zoning Administrator.

Section 420.260 Public Meeting on Appropriate Permit Applications.

Section 420.270 Report on Determination.

Section 420.280 Appeal.

Section 420.290 Conformance to Permit Application.

Section 420.300 Demolition Permit Application — Review of Permit for Demolition.

Section 420.310 Sign Applications.

Section 420.320 Conditional Use Permit Application.

Section 420.330 Development Plans.

Section 420.340 Maintenance of Historic Properties — Ordinary Maintenance Exclusion.

Section 420.350 Public Safety Exclusion.

Section 420.360 Fees, Charges and Expenses.

Section 420.370 Violation and Penalty.

Article V Regulation of Nomination and Placement of Historic Markers

Section 420.380 Historical Marker Committee.

Section 420.390 Submission of Nominations.

Section 420.400 Eligibility Requirements.

Section 420.410 Documentation.

Section 420.420 Genealogical and Family Markers.

Section 420.430 Approval by the Historical Preservation Commission.

Section 420.440 Specifications for Historic Markers.