City of Poplar Bluff, MO
Butler County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to alcoholic beverages, ch. 600; as to carnival permit, §605.405; as to amusements, §§605.410 et seq.; as to pawnbrokers, ch. 625; as to peddlers and solicitors, ch. 610; as to advertising, ch. 605, art. vi.; as to private cemeteries, §§150.290 et seq.; as to electricity, ch. 520; as to garbage, trash and solid waste management, ch. 230; as to manufactured homes, land development standards, §§405.120 et seq.; as to plumber's license, §§525.060 et seq.; as to taxicabs, ch. 645.
State Law References — Authority to impose license taxes on certain businesses, §94.110, RSMo.; imposition of tax on businesses limited, §71.610, RSMo.
Article I In General

Section 605.010 Definitions.

Section 605.020 Required.

Section 605.025 Persons Not to Be Charged for Business License.

Section 605.030 False Statements.

Section 605.040 License Tax Levied.

Section 605.050 When Due.

Section 605.060 Proration of Tax.

Section 605.070 Payment of Tax Prerequisite.

Section 605.080 Delinquent Taxes — Penalty.

Section 605.090 Effect of Issuance Restricted.

Section 605.100 Expiration.

Section 605.110 Record.

Section 605.120 Display.

Section 605.130 Transfer — Generally.

Section 605.140 Transfer — Sale of Business.

Section 605.150 Fence Required for Auto Wrecking Yard, Junk Yard.

Section 605.160 Establishment of New Auto Wrecking Yards or Junk Yards, Expansion of Existing Yards Prohibited.

Section 605.170 Evidence of Workers' Compensation Insurance Prior to License Issuance.

Section 605.175 Fees for Operating in Open Flea Markets.

Article II Occupational Gross Receipts Tax

Section 605.180 Definition.

Section 605.190 Levied.

Section 605.200 Application.

Section 605.210 Issuance.

Section 605.220 Expiration.

Section 605.230 Statement of Sales.

Section 605.240 Inspection, Audit — Confidential.

Section 605.250 Determination of Amount of Gross Sales.

Section 605.260 Computation of Tax — Generally.

Section 605.270 Computation of Tax — Wholesale Licensees.

Section 605.280 Computation of Tax — Vehicle Agency and Vehicle Licenses.

Section 605.290 Forfeiture of Bond.

Article III Temporary Vendors

Section 605.300 Defined.

Section 605.310 License Required.

Section 605.320 License Fee.

Section 605.330 Permission of Property Owner Required.

Section 605.340 Site Plan Required.

Section 605.350 Sales Tax Number Required.

Section 605.360 Period of License.

Article IV Farmers Marketplace

Section 605.370 Sale of Produce on Public Streets Prohibited.

Section 605.380 Location.

Section 605.385 City May Contract for Services.

Section 605.390 Permit Requirements — Use of Stalls.

Section 605.400 Liability for Goods Offered for Sale.

Article V Amusements

Section 605.405 Carnival, Amusement Permit.

Section 605.410 Circuses, Shows.

Section 605.420 Amusement Rides — Bond, Liability Insurance.

Section 605.430 Minors in Pool Halls.

Article VI Advertising

Section 605.440 (Reserved)

Section 605.450 Posting on Property of Others — Consent Required.

Section 605.460 Signs, Banners Across Streets.

Section 605.470 Marking of Streets, Sidewalks Prohibited.

Section 605.480 Erection of Charitable, Civic, Religious Signs in Public Rights-of-Way.

Article VII Gasoline Stations

Section 605.490 Gasoline Pre-Payment or Pre-Approval.