City of Poplar Bluff, MO
Butler County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 700.010 Ordinances Saved From Repeal.

Section 700.020 Definition.

Section 700.030 Scope of Title Provisions.

Section 700.040 Policy Manual Adopted.

Section 700.050 Liability of City for Damage.

Section 700.060 Service to Comply With Technical Regulations.

Section 700.070 Termination for Non-Compliance With Provisions.

Section 700.080 Temporary Interruption of Service.

Article II Utility Service

Section 700.090 Utility Service — Application Required.

Section 700.100 Utility Service — Permit.

Section 700.110 Utility Service — Use Without Permit.

Section 700.120 Utility Service — Use Contrary to Permit.

Section 700.130 Utility Service — Use Assumed.

Section 700.140 Utility Service — Restricted to One Applicant.

Section 700.150 Sale of Service by Customer.

Section 700.160 Separate Connections.

Section 700.170 Connections to Service.

Section 700.180 Plumbing Inspection Outside City.

Section 700.190 Consumers to Maintain Own Service.

Article III Meters, Rates and Charges

Section 700.200 Meters Generally.

Section 700.210 Testing Meters — Generally.

Section 700.220 Testing Meters — at Consumer's Request.

Section 700.230 Testing Meters — Correction of Incorrect Readings.

Section 700.240 Testing Meters — Recordation of Results.

Section 700.250 Estimation of Bill for Incorrect Meter.

Section 700.260 Injuring, Tampering With Meters.

Section 700.270 Free Service Prohibited.

Section 700.280 Determination by Council.

Section 700.281 Restricted Use Of Rate-Payer Funds.

Section 700.290 When Payment Due.

Section 700.300 Penalty for Delinquent Payment.

Section 700.310 Disconnection for Non-Payment.

Section 700.320 Reconnection After Disconnection.

Section 700.330 Voluntary Discontinuance of Service.

Article IV Municipal Utilities Advisory Board

Section 700.340 Created.

Section 700.350 Composition.

Section 700.360 Qualifications of Members.

Section 700.370 Appointment of Members.

Section 700.380 Terms of Members.

Section 700.390 Compensation of Members.

Section 700.400 Rules of Procedure.

Section 700.410 Powers Generally.